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Online Masterclass: Creativity for Business

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​Leverage your creative intelligence to get unstuck and become a more agile, resilient and inventive thinker.

This class should take between five to twenty hours to complete, delegates however have access to the class (platform) for 4 months. 

Creativity is one of the most sought-after skills in the world. Without creativity, there is no innovation. It is the use of imagination to produce something novel and valuable. Creativity is not a talent for the gifted few but a capacity that every human mind has access to, and every leader needs to grow. Creative cultures give organisations a competitive edge, and creative leaders consistently outperform their peers.

Join creativity specialist, Nina Pearse, to help you unwrap the concepts of creativity, creative thinking  innovation and get on the road to 'creative intelligence fitness.'

Imagine you could tap into a power that would enable you to see possibilities where others only see challenges? This unique ability would aid you in problem-solving, expertly managing unforeseen change, and providing you with renewed vitality to enliven your professional and personal life. Your creative intelligence is the source of this strength. Accessing and developing it is simpler than you think. 

In this practical, science-based course you will learn:

  • What creative thinking is; 
  • How creative intelligence works;
  • How creativity relates to problem solving and innovation;
  • The basic neuroscience behind creativity;
  • What some of the latest research reveals about what makes us creative;
  • How to assess your own creativity;
  • To use a model for developing your creative thinking;
  • Practical steps for recognising and overcoming creativity blockers; and
  • Bite-sized creativity-building habits that you can begin to practice right away.
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About the Presenter:  Nina Pearse

Nina Pearse is a creative educator with a vision to transform business and society by helping people tap into their creativity. She believes that all humans are inherently creative. As co-founder of Creativity Wake-Up, her passion and purpose is to inspire and equip people to imagine, and bring into being, creative solutions to challenges, opportunities and everyday life. Creativity Wake-Up works with individuals, leaders and teams across all industries and business sizes, as well as with NGOs. 

Through workshops, coaching, consulting and tools, Creativity Wake-Up is committed to helping people to solve problems and innovate in the midst of complexity and change. Nina has an honours degree in business science from UCT and is an Agile Talent professional. She has worked in learning and change related roles for nearly twenty years as a management consultant, human resources specialist and leadership practitioner, both in South Africa and the UK. 

As a proud South African, Nina is enthusiastic about social transformation and believes that by developing creativity, the people of this country, and indeed the world, will be able to solve the issues of our day.

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Who should attend?
  • Managers and leaders who wish to increase their capacity to problem and innovate, as well as cultivate a culture of innovation within their organisations.
  • Team leads who need to support teams that are facing rapid and ongoing change whilst constantly having to come up with new solutions and deliver results.
  • HR professionals who are tasked with managing employee well-being and/or shaping a more agile, resilient and creative thinking culture in the organisation.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to develop the ability to grow their creative thinking for maintaining a competitive edge.
How you will benefit
  • Identify which elements of the creative mindset you can develop in the short term for quick wins.
  • Recognise and learn to combat the primary blockers to your creativity.
  • Be inspired to embark on a journey of developing creative confidence throughout your life
  • Learn the skillsets and mindsets to develop creative thinking within your organisation.
Additional information
  • Upon completion of this Masterclass you will receive a digital "certificate of attendance" which you can print out. Post lockdown a physical certificate will be available for collection at the GIBS Illovo campus. Should you wish us to courier the physical certificate to you, such costs will be for your account.
  • You will also, upon completion, receive a link to the independently verifiable digital credential for the course, which you can use on your LinkedIn profile.
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