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Advanced Masterclass: Building Resilience, Improving Stress Management, and Coping with Adversity

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This is a fully online masterclass.

This 8 hour masterclass enhances your resilience and coping skills so your mental health can go from surviving to thriving.

Globally we are experiencing a pandemic of workplace burnout. Just because physical disease is absent does not mean that mental health and wellbeing is present. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), resilience, stress tolerance and management techniques, and flexibility are in the top ten most critical skills for 2021. In these challenging times, we must possess the right resilience theory competencies and coping skills to adapt to new and unforeseen realities successfully. 

The class exposes delegates to the science of resilience theory, including biological factors such as the body's stress response systems, psychological factors such as optimism and mastery, and social factors such as family and healthy relationships. You will practice science-based coping strategies and activities that will enhance your resilience skills and mental health, such as the ABC Model of Stress, the 4 A's of dealing with stress, the THINK technique of dealing with anxiety, identifying automatic negative thoughts, and cultivating gratitude. In the introduction to the masterclass, the instructor relates his personal story on how he used resilience theory to "beat the odds" and "escape" homelessness as a young adult. 

This online course consists of a series of informative videos, insightful content, and science-based activities to enhance your resilience. It covers four key modules with over 20 mini-lessons in building resilience and stress management techniques. 

Building Resilience, Improving Stress Management, and Coping with Adversity is an eight-hour online masterclass to complete at your own time and pace. On completion, delegates receive a certificate of attendance and digital credential to use on your LinkedIn profile. This masterclass is ideal for individuals or teams and can also be tailored to a client's specific needs. 

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Who should attend this resilience masterclass?
  • Employees;
  • Managers;
  • Leaders; and
  • Entrepreneurs.

How will you benefit from this resilience masterclass?
  • Learn how anxiety and stress affect your body and mental health;
  • Learn the science of resilience theory;
  • Develop coping techniques/skills to enhance your resilience;
  • Learn about the PERMA model of wellbeing;
  • Develop a plan to enhance your resilience and mental health; and
  • Build and maintain resilience in your personal and professional life.

Additional information
  • This class consists of four essential modules with over 20 mini-lessons, including the four core competencies for building resilience and the thinking traps that undermine resilience;
  • The class includes exercise material that will assist delegates with building mental health and agility;
  • Participants will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the actual impact stress and anxiety has on the body;
  • They will be equipped with the essential tools required to recognise and explore their stressors and the ability to master their stress and anxiety;
  • Have a better understanding of problem-solving, confirmation bias, cultivating gratitude, and identifying character strengths;
  • Understand the role of resilience in wellbeing and flourishing; and
  • Build and maintain resilience required for the adoption of new habits. 
  • Delegates will have access to the platform for 4 months. 
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