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Online Masterclass: Building EQ and Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

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Our background, exposure, and upbringing influence our ‘mental model‘ or the way we see the world. Another word for ‘mental model’ is a paradigm. When you change your paradigm it is called a paradigm shift. Leaders have to be aware of their own paradigms and be willing to shift them when required.  

This masterclass is about turning our attention towards self-leadership. It focuses on the capacity to manage our internal landscape and being aware of the impact of that on relationships. Participants will explore the concepts of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and the elements that contribute to being an emotionally intelligent leader.  In addition, you will have an opportunity to explore practices to build your EQ.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Develop both your internal and external self-awareness as a leader of self and leader of others;
  • Explore your level of emotional intelligence;
  • Understand yourself, your emotions, and your inner life to better express your thoughts and feelings as a leader; and
  • Apply strategies to manage your stress and build resilience for heightened feelings of confidence and to sustain your leadership performance.
This is a fully online masterclass, it will take between 4-8 hours to complete. Delegates have four months to access the platform and complete the class from the start date. Upon completion of this Masterclass, you will receive a digital certificate of attendance. 

For bookings of over 30 delegates, please enquire about group discounts.
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Who should attend?
  • Managers and leaders who have teams or multiple working groups;
  • Consultants, small business owners & team leaders;
  • Change practitioners;
  • Those who manage task forces, boards, committees, temporary work groups or project teams; and
  • Middle managers preparing themselves to lead others.
How you will benefit
  • Understand the value of self-awareness;
  • Understand and appreciate emotional intelligence;
  • Develop relevant knowledge, skills, and awareness to understand yourself better; and
  • Build capacity to manage stress and sustain performance.

Additional information

This masterclass should take 4-6 hours to complete. 

Each module will be 'bite-sized', with the total time needed to complete the course of approximately 240 minutes. 

Upon completion of this Masterclass you will receive a digital "certificate of attendance" which you can print out. Post lockdown a physical certificate will be available for collection at the GIBS Illovo campus. Should you wish us to courier the physical certificate to you, such costs will be for your account.

You will also, upon completion, receive a link to the independently verifiable digital credential for the course, which you can use on your Linked In profile.

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