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AIG Senior Leadership Masterclasses

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Classes based on the appreciation of the Insurance Industry Context

Despite the unique role of risk transfer that insurers play in economies across the globe, like other businesses, insurers are investigating ways to adapt their business strategies to accommodate their way of working in light of the future of work whose arrival has been fast-tracked by the pandemic. In their conversations with insurance clients, the insurance practices of the likes of Deloitte, PwC, and KPMG have identified seven major post-pandemic concerns for insurers:

  •  Repricing risks
  •  Acceleration of digital transformation
  •  Impact of the pandemic on brokers and agents
  •  Bolstering balance sheets
  •  Getting employees back to offices and/or developing hybrid work options from the employee
  •  Employee wellbeing
  •  Greater adoption of ‘telematics’ devices that capture policyholder driving behavior

Focusing specifically on the South African insurance industry, a recent McKinsey report identified “Seven big moves [that] could help insurers navigate the crisis and thrive in the long term.”

  •  Prioritize a digital-first approach for customers and intermediaries
  •  Adopt advanced-analytics-based decision making
  •  Reinvent the operating model for speed and cost
  •  Strengthen cyber resilience and operational-risk defenses
  •  Double down on talent, including through acquisition of other companies
  •  Develop an ecosystem approach through partnerships
  •  Consider mergers & acquisition opportunities

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