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Advanced Masterclass: Strategic Thinking Skills Utilising Behavioural Science and Neurostrategy

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​This is a fully online masterclass.

FPI_CPD approved High Res.jpg  This masterclass is accredited by The Financial Planning Institute for 7 points 

Behavioural economics provides a more realistic view of economics, business strategy and decision-making. It also uses important insights from brain science to explore how people really think and make decisions.

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Whether you are an individual or organisation wanting to register for this online masterclass, get in touch and we will assist you with the booking process.
Understanding behavioural economics helps develop more effective approaches to strategic thinking and business strategy.

This Masterclass will build your understanding of how you can improve the quality of your strategic thinking and ultimately, your business strategy. This will be achieved through the application of the principles of ‘neurostrategy’, where the focus is on the strategist and how the capacities of the brain can be harnessed to improve thinking, decision-making and strategy.  This class should take between five to eight hours to complete. It can be completed at your own pace.  Delegates will have access to the platform for 2 months. On completion delegates receive a certificate of attendance and a digital credential to use on their LinkedIn profile. 

What the course covers: 

  • The concept of “complexity”: Why conventional planning is no longer effective.

  • A functional model of the human brain: How we use our brain, and the role it plays in decision making.

  • The DNA of strategic thinking: The key elements we need to understand in order to master thinking and decision-making.

  • The concept of strategic intuition: How we use insight and intuition to make better strategic decisions.

  • Analysis vs insight: How to use both analysis and insight to build better strategies and make more informed decisions.

  • Why can’t we see the future?: The special challenges of setting strategy in an uncertain world and how we can improve our strategic thinking in these difficult circumstances

  • Scenario thinking: Planning for an uncertain future.

The above Masterclass is also available on an in-house basis.

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About the Presenter: Norman Chorn

Norman is a strategy and organisation development practitioner who works in Australia, UK, New Zealand and South Africa. After leaving a leading consulting firm, Norman founded a strategy and research firm with affiliations in UK and North America.

His work integrates the research from neuroscience with economics and strategy. It addresses:

  • Strategy in highly uncertain environments, using various approaches such as scenario planning and neurostrategy

  • Organisation development – designing and developing innovative organisations

  • Growth and corporate resilience – achieving growth and adaptation.

Norman has particular skills in developing future strategy and aligning organisations with their current and future environments. His integration of neuroscience and strategy principles (neurostrategy) has enabled the development of a range of proprietary techniques and approaches to achieve an enhancement in organisational performance.

Norman has published widely in his field and has contributed to a range of journals and international conferences. His recent book, Strategic Alignment, has received acclaim in the management and business press and the 2nd edition has just been published. His new book, The Future Builders deals with the practices of creating the future and organisational adaptation in uncertain environments. This is due for publication shortly.

He holds visiting and associate appointments with a number of leading Graduate Schools of Management, including Macquarie University (Australia), the University of Pretoria – GIBS (South Africa) and Canterbury Graduate School of Management (NZ).

Prior to his consulting career, Norman held a variety of senior Marketing and General Management positions in the services and manufacturing sectors.

He has a BA (Economics and Sociology) from the University of Cape Town, a Postgraduate Diploma in Management, an MBA, and PhD from the University of Witwatersrand.

Norman is a member of the global Academy of Brain-based Leadership and an Ambassador for Thought Leaders Global.

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Who should attend?
  • Managers who wish to improve their strategic thinking and decision-making - particularly in conditions of uncertainty and change
  • Consultants in strategy, organisation development and personal effectiveness 
  • OD and HR managers in organisations 
  • Strategic planners in organisations
How you will benefit
  • Apply behavioural economics to improve strategy 
  • Draw on critical techniques to make better decision-making
  • Understand scenario planning to navigate complexity in an ever changing environment
Additional information
This masterclass should take 4-6 hours to complete online.

Each module will be ‘bite-sized’, with the total time needed to complete the course of approximately 240 minutes.

Upon completion of this Masterclass you will receive a digital "certificate of attendance" which you can print out. 

You will also, upon completion, receive a link to the independently verifiable digital credential for the course, which you can use on your Linked In profile.

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