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Programme for Management Development (PMD)

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Gain the management skills you need to match and enhance your managerial experience – and to take your career to the next level. 

Applications are currently closed and will open in July for the 2023 intake. 

You're already managing others, officially or otherwise, and you're starting to feel the pressure of change and disruption in the workplace. You know your career will benefit from a management development course and, what's more, you're ready to stretch yourself further. It's time to support your existing experience with formal knowledge and management skills.
Ideal for managers in the private, public and non-government sectors, the GIBS Programme for Management Development (PMD) delivers an innovative, stimulating and broad learning experience in the form of an intense one-year management course.

Please note: The PMD is offered at a very high academic level and registration requires work experience and the successful completion of an entrance test. It is, however, not currently accredited by the NQF.


Why choose the GIBS PMD?

During the GIBS Programme for Management Development (PMD), you'll explore all the fundamentals of business as they relate to management: economics, project management, financial accounting, leadership and HR, operations, marketing, innovation and strategy.

  • The integration of these different management disciplines will give you a holistic view of the competencies required of a middle manager.
  • You'll get invaluable exposure to general management tools and functions, as well as personal skills in key areas.
  • You'll have access to a world-class faculty with remarkable track records of best-practice expertise, and you'll attend guest lectures by leading businesspeople.
  • You'll benefit from an action learning approach with a strong emphasis on skills development, so you can immediately transfer what you've learned to your working environment.
  • You'll have the space and guidance you need to focus on personal growth and development, via coaching and personal development plans.

What the PMD teaches managers

  • To appreciate and use the broad vocabulary and concepts of business
  • To develop leadership and management skills for traditional and non-traditional approaches to the role of the manager
  • To work with and through your people as individuals and teams
  • To optimise your use of information and knowledge to sustain competitive advantage
  • To unlock your own creativity in the process of growing organisations, teams and individuals
  • To understand the interaction and inter-play between the various functions of an organisation
  • To help accelerate the rate of change in your organisation as it affects individuals, teams, and the group as a whole
  • To understand current and emerging methods for evaluating organisational performance
  • To evolve your perceptions of how organisations develop and deliver products and services
  • To better understand the current and future global economic and social environments, with a special emphasis on the new economy

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Information Sessions

The next session will take place in August
for the 2023 intake.

Application Dates

Applications Open: 1 July 2022 

This application is for the 2023 intake and acceptance is on a rolling basis.

Application Closing Dates

PMD 65 Online – 16 January 2023
PMD 66 Modular – 16 January 2023


Minimum Requirements

  • At least 5 years of work experience, preferably including 2+ years of experience at middle management level
  • A National Senior Certificate (a tertiary qualification is an advantage)
  • Robust intellectual ability
  • Solid communication, interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • Sound organisation, time management and preparation skills
  • Confidence using MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and a web browser
  • Strong English language skills, both verbal and written
  • A mentor from your company*
  • A SAQA certificate to recognise any qualifications completed outside South Africa (international)**

*PMD Mentors

Company-based management mentors are an important feature of the PMD programme. You will need to identify someone in your organisation who is willing to provide you with leadership training and act as a coach or management mentor during your studies. They will need to give you advice as needed, provide support, and assist with finding information or opening doors in the company, when company-related tasks are set by your lecturers. If you are unsure about appointing a mentor, contact our programme management team on

**International Students/Foreign Qualifications: 

Before applying to GIBS, applicants who hold a foreign qualification must send their qualifications to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) for evaluation. We require the SAQA certificate in order to verify the NQF level of your qualification. Visit or email : Alternatively call: +27 (0) 12 431 5070 or the helpdesk on: +27 (0) 860 111 673. Students from non-English speaking countries must demonstrate English language proficiency by supplying PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English Academic) scores. See for more. We will also need to see copies of your study and/or work permits. 


Total tuition fees: R79 500

Application fee: R1 500 (non-refundable, payable on application)

Registration fee: R20 000 (non-refundable, payable on acceptance to the programme offset against total tuition fees)
Please note that GIBS does not charge VAT on tuition fees.

Please ensure the billing details are correct when completing the application form as any request to make amendments will delay your application. Ensure you have the VAT number should your company be funding the tuition fees. 


The GIBS Programme for Management Development (PMD) offers a limited number of partial bursaries to designated groups. These bursaries are granted to deserving candidates once they have completed an application for the programme. Bursary applications will open in July.

PMD 65 Online


March - December 2023




One module per month
17:30 - 20:00

View Schedule
PMD 66 Modular


March – November 2023


On Campus (JHB)


One module per month on Friday, Saturday, including some Thursdays (08:30 - 17:00)

View Schedule

Note: These are the current schedules and the confirmed schedules for 2023 will be updated at a later stage and sent to all accepted students closer to the start date of the programme. These formats are subject to change and applicants will be notified of any changes timeously.

Admission Process
Step 1

Ensure that you meet the admission criteria.

Step 2

Compile all supporting documents. Click here for the list of supporting documents. Prepare to submit your online application.

Step 3

Submit your online application (  together with all supporting documents and pay the application fee.

Step 4

Your application will be processed and your documents verified (takes approximately 2-3 weeks)

Step 5

Once your documents have been verified, you will receive an invitation to complete the GIBS Entrance Test. It is an online test. 

Step 6

Complete the online GIBS Entrance Test. 

Step 7

Once GIBS has received your test results from the assessors, the team reviews your profile and provides you feedback on the outcome of your application.

Additional Notes

Entrance TestTo apply for the GIBS Programme for Management Development (PMD), you will need to write the Entrance Test. This is a psychometric test and it covers areas including learning potential, verbal skills, and numerical reasoning. The test fee is included in your application fee. Once your documents have been verified, you will receive an invitation to complete the Entrance Test.

Learning Methodologies

As a student on the GIBS Programme for Management Development (PMD), you will be required to attend a number of on-campus learning experiences that combine discussions, case studies, debates and simulations. Each session will require preparation that you will undertake individually or in groups. For the remainder of the programme you will be preparing, studying, undertaking syndicate work, and conducting your own research. You will also complete assignments relevant to the management-related module you are studying.  

PMD students are able to leverage blended learning opportunities, including classroom lectures, teamwork, skills practice, discussions, simulations, networking, and more. You can expect the following:

  • Individual preparation for class, study, and exams
  • Syndicate work to practise the dynamics of teamwork and embed learning
  • Lectures: live, virtual and guest
  • Access to exciting case studies and applied projects
  • An Action Learning Project (ALP), to enable you to integrate and apply your learnings across the subjects

Partnering for High Performance

A special feature of the GIBS Programme for Management Development (PMD) learning experience is that you will work in a syndicate group or team. Syndicate work is assigned at the start of the programme and each syndicate is structured for a balance of management skills and backgrounds. Team members are required to assist each other with syndicate assignments.

Overview of PMD Course Content

The Business Environment - Keith Lockwood
The GIBS Programme for Management Development (PMD) gives you the knowledge and tools to better understand, and begin to assess, the South African and international economic environments and how these impact on managerial decisions - particularly relating to business strategy and performance.

This includes an understanding of the microeconomic factors that influence the behaviour of individual product and factor markets, as well as the macroeconomic behaviour of whole economies.

Managing the Art of Innovation - Abdullah Verachia

Gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage is the only route to market growth and long-term organisational sustainability in a volatile world. You'll able to effect positive change in your organisation by fostering and nurturing creative ideas and by translating conceptual ideas into value-adding innovations for the business.

Operational Effectiveness - Nana Tankou

You'll be equipped with the tools to improve the flow of the wide-ranging operational aspects of an organisation, including value and value chains.

Effective Project Execution - Tony Christodoulou

Project execution is the discipline and process of managing the end-to-end activities within a project life-cycle. It begins with the planning, monitoring and control of all aspects of the project and extends to budgeting, resource management and motivation, to achieve project objectives on time and in line with the specified cost, quality and performance.

Business Finance for Managers - Justin Spencer-Young

Gain the theoretical and practical knowledge of the major aspects of financial management, with an emphasis on models for improving decision-making in a competitive environment. Understand the linkages between the balance sheet, the income statement and the cashflow statement, be able to take more considered decisions with financial impact in mind, identify the factors that cause and drive costs, and gain insight into working capital management.

People and Performance Management - Hayley Pearson / Dr Dorothy Ndletyana
Understand how the new world of work affects companies, jobs, careers, and relationships - and examine the implications for your organisation and for yourself. Access practical techniques for improving performance and motivation in your environment.

Marketing for Managers - Silas Matlala / Ravi Pillay

The Marketing module provides a deeper understanding of the role of marketing in creating, delivering and communicating the value provided by an organisation. You'll be exposed to the latest thinking and practice within the core of the marketing discipline, so you can actively participate in marketing your organisation, effectively engage with marketing professionals and suppliers, and responsibly support your marketing colleagues.

Business Strategy for Managers– Dr Thabo Mosala

The Strategy module gives students an insight into the comprehensive process of strategic management, from design stage through implementation to evaluation.

Essential Communication Tools

Understand and be able to use clear and direct communication with colleagues and managers, so you can obtain your desired outcomes. You'll be guided on how to prepare and deliver effective presentations and how to communicate with excellence in the digital age.

Special Requirements

Special Needs: If you have a special need or disability, GIBS will look into accommodating this. However, it is a requirement that the student will need to provide medical certificates and supporting documentation as requested by the PMD team.

Religious Observance: Observant students must contact the PMD team before you start your application to ascertain if or how your specific needs may be accommodated. Note programmes may include weekend classes and attendance is compulsory.

More Information

Who should study the Programme for Management Development (PMD)?

Have you been working for at least five years and are feeling the pressure of change in the workplace? Although you are motivated and competent, you feel that you do not have sufficient tools to make as much of a difference in your company as you know you can. You know that your career will benefit from a management development course and you are ready to gain those management skills in order to stretch yourself towards success.

How will you benefit from doing the PMD?

As you develop in your management career, you often find that managerial experience alone is not enough to provide all the answers. Our aim is to provide you with management skills that supplement your experience. We have established the GIBS Programme for Management Development (PMD) to give managers in the private, public or non-governmental sectors several advantages.​

Additional Information

As a student on the GIBS Programme for Management Development (PMD) you will be required to attend a number of on-campus learning experiences that combine discussions, case studies, debates and simulations. Each session will require preparation that you will undertake individually or in groups. For the remainder of the programme you will be preparing, studying, undertaking syndicate work and conducting your own research. You will also be involved with assignments relevant to the management related module you are studying and application of the knowledge in your own organisation setting.​​

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