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Global Executive Development Programme (GEDP)

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Futureproof yourself as a leader in a disruptive global market with this high-level strategic leadership programme. 

The GIBS Global Executive Development Programme is a premier executive education offering designed to equip senior leaders and executives with the knowledge, skills, and global perspectives needed to thrive in today's complex and dynamic business landscape. This programme is tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by executives operating on a global scale. 

Programme features: International travel module for 8 -10 days. Travel to international destinations to better understand the impact of the global environment of business. 


  • Develop Global Leadership Competencies: 
    • Enhance leadership skills, including strategic thinking, decision-making, communication, and adaptability, to excel in diverse international environments.

  • Foster Cross-Cultural Understanding: 
    • Gain a deep appreciation of cultural nuances, global business practices, and diversity to facilitate effective collaboration across borders.

  • Accelerate Business Transformation: 
    • Equip participants with cutting-edge strategies and tools to drive organizational growth, innovation, and sustainable success.

  • Create a Global Network: 
    • Build a powerful network of peers, mentors, and industry experts from around the world, fostering valuable connections and collaboration opportunities.

  • Global Sustainability and Responsibility: 
    • Explore the role of business in addressing global sustainability challenges and corporate social responsibility.

  • In-person sessions: 
    • Participants will attend intensive, in-person sessions held at the GIBS campus. These sessions provide opportunities for immersive learning, networking, and cultural exposure.
  • Simulated learning: 
    • Between sessions, participants will engage in a business simulation challenge and online discussions. This allows for flexibility and ensures continuous learning.
  • Global business project: 
    • Participants will work on real-world global business project during the global module in collaboration with their peers. This project provides hands-on experience in applying programme concepts to practical challenges.

  • Executive coaching: 
    • Each participant will receive personalized executive coaching to support their professional growth and leadership development throughout the programme.

  • Global immersion experience: 
    • An international immersion experiences will expose participants to diverse business cultures, practices, and markets. These experiences foster a global mindset and understanding.

  • Peer learning groups: 
    • Participants will be organized into peer learning groups to facilitate collaborative learning, knowledge sharing, and peer support.
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Information Session

GIBS Open Day 2024
Date: TBC
Time: TBC
Venue: GIBS Campus

Application Dates

Applications Open

11 September 2023

Applications Close

1 May 2024

Admission is based on professional achievement and organisational responsibility.  

Minimum Requirements
  • The Global Executive Development Programme is designed for senior executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs who are responsible for strategic decision-making and leading organisations on a global scale. 
  • Participants should have 5 - 10 years of professional experience in an executive leadership role and be committed to advancing their leadership 

Application Process:
Admission to the programme is competitive, and candidates are selected based on their professional background, leadership potential, and commitment to global leadership development. The application process includes submission of a comprehensive application, CV, interviews, and recommendations.


Total Tuition Fee: R332 000


All course material, international travel, accommodation,

insurance, and meals. 
Visas, accommodation (if required during modules one and two).

GIBS does not charge VAT on tuition fees; all prices are subject to change.

Please click here for a quote/proforma invoice.



24 Days





Briefing: 30 May 2024

Module 1: 24 – 27 June 2024

Module 2: 29 July – 01 August 2024

 Module 3: 26 – 29 August 2024

Module 4: 14 – 24 October 2024 (Travel module)

Final Coaching & Closing:  28 November 2024 (GIBS)

Note: This is the tentative schedule. The confirmed schedules will be sent to all accepted students closer to the programme's start date. These formats are subject to change. Applicants will be timeously notified of any changes.

Special Requirements

Special Needs: If you have a special need or disability, GIBS will look into accommodating this. However, it is a requirement that the student will need to provide medical certificates and supporting documentation as requested. We recommend you contact before you complete your application. Religious Observance: Observant students must contact the GIBS Admissions Office before you start your application to ascertain if or how your specific needs may be accommodated. 

Admission Process
Step 1

Complete your online application form. Please refer to the top right corner of the webpage to apply.

Step 2

Submit your online application and all supporting documents (CV and company organogram).

Step 3

Application is processed, and you will receive a reference number once your application is successfully received.

Step 4

The GIBS admissions committee review all applicant profiles. 

Step 5

Possible interview and feedback will be provided.

Step 6

Successful applicants will receive a letter of acceptance.

Step 7

The invoice will be issued, and payment is to be made.

Please ensure the billing details are correct when completing the application form, as any request to make amendments will delay your application. Ensure you have the VAT number should your company fund the tuition fees.

More Information

Who should Attend?

The Global Executive Development Programme is designed for senior executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs who are responsible for strategic decision-making and leading organizations on a global scale. Participants should have 5 - 10 years of professional experience in an executive leadership role and be committed to advancing their leadership capabilities.

How you will Benefit

Upon completing this programme, you should be able to;

  • Critically consider future competitive, robust strategies to enable your organisation to compete sustainably;
  • To be sensitised to potential disruption and seek contextually relevant innovations for your organisations;
  • Solve complex organisational problems and improve your critical thinking abilities by asking the right questions, making decisions when factors are uncertain and collating information from diverse sources;
  • Be exposed to opportunities for personal benchmarking, interaction and networking with executives in South Africa and globally; 
  • Analyse the current variables competing impacting economies and differing business environments; and 
  • Qualify for a certificate of completion at GIBS, the leading business school in Africa.

Programme Certification
Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will receive a prestigious Global Executive Programme certificate from GIBS.

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