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Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation

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An introductory programme for managers and their teams

In a demanding and highly competitive environment, managers in the public, NGO and private sectors are under increasing pressure to enhance the effectiveness of programmes intended to achieve socio-economic transformation, enterprise and supplier development goals.

This can best be achieved through the implementation of a Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) process that is integral to the design and management of any corporate social investment, enterprise development or preferential procurement project. An M&E system enables organisations to assess whether interventions or projects are working or not, while implementation is taking place; thereby ensuring that goals will be met within time and budget constraints. One of the building blocks of implementing M&E in any organisation is that relevant management and staff need to develop a common M&E language, as well as M&E specific skills in planning, data collection, data analysis, and reporting.

A solid starting point is our interactive three-day M&E workshop, which gives project teams and their managers the basic understanding and skills required to plan and implement an M&E process that delivers results.

There will be an in-person cohort and an online cohort. Please indicate when applying which option you would like to enrol for. The cost for in-person attendance is R7600 and for the online programme, the cost is R5800. 

Workshop Topics Include:

  1. Purpose and benefits of Results-based M&E
  2. Defining monitoring and evaluation
  3. Key concepts in RM&E practice
  4. Types of RM&E at different stages of the project
  5. Describing the theory of change
  6. Defining the logic model
  7. Steps in developing a logic model
  8. Understanding activities and outcomes
  9. Understanding outcomes and impact
  10. Devising indicators and measurement methods
  11. Data collection and analysis techniques
  12. Briefing independent evaluators
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Who should attend?

Impact, social and green entrepreneurs. Managers of NGO’s and other non-profits. Managers of CSI, Transformation and ESD programmes. Funders of socio-economic development programmes.

How you will benefit

This workshop unpacks the questions of monitoring and evaluation: why it is important, how to do it and how to take the next step to measuring social impact. 

 If you're grappling with linking outputs, outcomes and impact, want to demonstrate your value, or put a plan in place, this programme will suit you.

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Faculty and lecturers may include Senior Faculty from GIBS as well as leading industry practitioners and experts.

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