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The business of being human

Welcome to a human experience within the business world.

Consider your professional business coach as your fellow human companion, confidante and thinking partner who facilitates optimised thinking and meaningful dialogue centred on your unique individual and organisational needs. Finding a professional coach allows you to tap into your infinite potential to solve problems, think innovatively, improve relationships and act with meaning and intention for sustained results. 

Coaching@GIBS boasts a diverse, highly qualified and globally experienced database of professional executive coaches, mentors and facilitators, trained in both individual and team or group coaching to:

support your clarity of thought, ambition and intention; 
encourage self-discovery; 
elicit relevant solutions and strategies; 
hold you responsible and accountable for both personal and professional results;
align personal outcomes to organisational success to systemic performance.
In addition to executive coaching, Coaching@GIBS boasts a list of services associated with optimising learning and performance within your organisation.

Executive Coaching

Individual, customized, coaching process for your organisation’s senior leaders.

Skills Coaching

Short individual coaching (2-3 sessions) on selected skills development.                 

Bridge Coaching

Short individual coaching (2-3 sessions) on learning embed for behavioral shifts & ROI

Self development Assessments

Qualified debriefs of assessments to optimize awareness & performance         

Facilitated Processes

Customized processes by qualified facilitators for generative insights and impact.                                                     

Executive Learning Journey

Personalised coaching including curated GIBS courses, mentors, etc for the discerning Executive.                      

Group Coaching

Coaching in groups, using peer exchanges for awareness & new perspectives.

Action Learning Coaching

Action/project focused team coaching for problem solving & business impact.                                                     

Team Coaching

Coaching in teams for accountability, team cohesion and results.                           

Learning Advisory

Strategic input on your organization’s learning capabilities for sustained business results.                                     


image GIBS PAL faculty showcase: Amy Moore 

This weeks PAL faculty profile is of Amy Moore, Coach, facilitator, mentor and prolific and award-winning case writer at GIBS. Amy has been a valued professional associate at GIBS for many years and works on programmes across the school in multiple roles. More recently she has been writing case studies for GIBS and is extremely talented - winning multiple awards in a very short space of time.

Amy says: “ Case studies teach a variety of meta skills, as a recent Harvard article highlights. Preparation, discernment, bias recognition, judgment, collaboration, curiosity, and self-confidence. Cases can bring alive a real life issue and enable the students to walk for a period of time in the protagonist’s shoes, therefore opening them up to different perspectives and challenges”.

She has written 15 cases since 2019, winning eight awards including First Place in the Financial Times’ Responsible Business Education Award for Teaching Cases, as well as awards from Emerald publishing and NACRA

We are very proud to work with Amy.

Sugandrian Naidoo- IQ Business executive coaching process 
"The GIBS (executive) coaching has 
been immensely valuable to me as it helped me find swift and practical solutions in resolving conflict solutions arising from certain disagreements"

Tanya Stevens- GIBS coach​
Over the years I have worked with many dynamic and diverse clients. It has taught me this: As a client you want your coaching journey to have significant impact. More time for what matters most, a happier, successful and effective team, home and work life, greater clarity and focus and a sense of meaning and purpose. If you are looking for answers to “What now”, “What next” or “How to...”, working with a dedicated and experienced coach might be just what you need to unlock your full potential.

Queen Ramotsehoa- GIBS coach
"Coaching inspires the willingness to see what needs to be seen, and the courage to integrate the insights into powerful decisions and choices for extraordinary results.”
“Absolutely brilliant!! The most insightful journey I’ve been down. [The coach] was a superstar! Her caring, knowledgeable and meaningful approach was truly inspiring!!! Well done everyone!! Leadership here we come!! One team one dream.”
- Delegate, RCL Foods, PDP Coach and Coaching Process
“The coach created a atmosphere of trust and understanding. She had a very powerful approach and asked questions that encouraged deep thinking and reflection of what I am doing and how I can improve”.
- Anonymous (Delegate)
“Our vision on the GIBS coach journey is to equip you with both the professional training as well as the personal insight to take your coaching career to the next level…”
- Eileen Thayser (Professional Associates)
“I have been doing Executive Coaching at GIBS for almost 2 years. Laura Malan, has been, without a doubt, the best executive coach I could’ve asked for. Not only did she challenge my thinking, inspire me to action, both professionally and personally, she also stretched me and took me to places I was afraid to venture to. She has added tremendous value to my Executive Development journey. I would strongly recommend that any professional wanting to climb to greater heights, in business and corporate, consider GIBS Executive Coaching Programme.”
- Bongani Mthombeni-Moller, Strategic Business Development Executive and Regional Manager, SMEC Gauteng South.
“My #GIBS MBA journey has allowed me to meet people like Rre Jabu Maphalala. I wish I could bottle him for each and everyone of you. Amazing executive coach. He got me to understand the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi. It’s ugly, it’s messy and it’s okay, we push through. Botshelo ke kgwetlho, re kgaratlhela pele”
- Masego M
“Andrea is a powerful and insightful coach and the sessions were most valuable. Thanks for the support on this life journey. I am left with deep gratitude.”
- (Learning and Development Consultant, south African financial services organisation)

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