The business of being human

Today, constant change, accelerating pace and unrelenting complexity mean increased demands on both business and the individual. We need to change our behaviour if we are to optimally perform in this new environment. Now, more than ever, we as humans need to differentiate ourselves from technology by understanding and executing on the essence of our humanness – that is our imagination, creativity, social and emotional intelligence, our wellbeing and our passion. These are the keys to agile performance, resilience and sustainable results. The business of being human is simply good business.

Coaching@GIBS, as part of the GIBS Personal and Applied Learning centre, is dedicated to using personalised capabilities for the sustained development of leaders. Coaching is a proven means to enhance self-awareness, leadership performance, adaptive capacity and impact both at an individual level and as an organisation.

Coaching@GIBS recognises that your individuality is your unique differentiator. We are committed to providing bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs. With Coaching@GIBS, you can learn how to coach, using these skills to enhance your managerial and leadership competence, or pursue a career as a coach. Coaching@GIBS also offers standalone coaching services for executives as well as groups or teams.

Coaching@GIBS is embedded in the GIBS philosophy of learning. Whether you experience a course on campus or request in-house coaching or facilitation services, your experience at Africa’s leading business school will be personally relevant to you and your team. We understand that only about 10% of classroom learning is retained and so, we are committed to supporting the embed of your learning back in your workplace for long-term results. Our dedicated team collaborate with both you and our world-class faculty to design and deliver bespoke leadership courses based on your unique needs. 

Experience returns on your coaching investments of up to five times. The business of being human is not simply about surviving in our ever-changing and complex environments. It is about building capacity and resilience to thrive.

The business of being human is simply good business.
The business of being human
This is a human experience

“I had the pleasure of attending MCEP – Management Coaching for Exceptional Performance – it is exceptional. The facilitator Tanya Stevens is “stunning” her passion for the programme is contagious. I was drawn into the entire process from the word go. The pace was just right and the practical application in the safe environment of the triad sessions gave me so much confidence to actually coach. My biggest learning from the programme is to genuinely be present and listen with all of my senses. Thank you for the opportunity to attend.”
- Marianne Van Niekerk (Staff)
“The coach created a atmosphere of trust and understanding. She had a very powerful approach and asked questions that encouraged deep thinking and reflection of what I am doing and how I can improve”.
- Anonymous (Delegate)
“Our vision on the GIBS coach journey is to equip you with both the professional training as well as the personal insight to take your coaching career to the next level…”
- Eileen Thayser (Professional Associates)

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