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The business of being human
Africa’s leading business school offers coaching and facilitation courses for all levels of management. With Coaching@GIBS, you can enhance your current managerial repertoire as well as pursue an advanced career as a professional coach. 

We invite you to sit back and explore our vast course offerings as well as hear what our alumni and faculty have to say:

Leader as Coach
Using professionally aligned coaching skills to develop humans for personal and organisational success.
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Professional Business Coaching Course
Build understanding and capability in professional business coaching competencies (ICF accredited).
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Advanced Professional Business Coaching Course
Develop confidence and capability as a professional business coach at PCC (ICF) level (ICF accredited).
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Leader as Mentor
Learn effective mentorship skills for agile and sustainable personal and organisational success.
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Facilitation for High Performing Teams
Refine the art of harvesting collective wisdom and intelligence for collaborative, innovative, invested and high-performing teams.
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“I had the pleasure of attending MCEP – Management Coaching for Exceptional Performance – it is exceptional. The facilitator Tanya Stevens is “stunning” her passion for the programme is contagious. I was drawn into the entire process from the word go. The pace was just right and the practical application in the safe environment of the triad sessions gave me so much confidence to actually coach. My biggest learning from the programme is to genuinely be present and listen with all of my senses. Thank you for the opportunity to attend.”
- Marianne Van Niekerk (Staff)
“The coach created a atmosphere of trust and understanding. She had a very powerful approach and asked questions that encouraged deep thinking and reflection of what I am doing and how I can improve”.
- Anonymous (Delegate)
“Our vision on the GIBS coach journey is to equip you with both the professional training as well as the personal insight to take your coaching career to the next level…”
- Eileen Thayser (Professional Associates)
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- Godfrey (Professional Web Master)
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