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Bursary Fund

This fund assists high potential students who need financial assistance to fund their studies at GIBS.

The Alumni Bursary Fund was founded by the former Graduate School of Management Alumni from the University of Pretoria. The bursary fund was dedicated to the continued support of Postgraduate students when GIBS became the official business school of the University. With this fund, GIBS is able to assist high potential students who need financial assistance in funding their studies at GIBS. There are still many potential students who are not able to get funding from their organisations and due to other extenuating circumstances are unable to fund their own studies. The bursary enables recipients to use their newly gained skills to make a positive contribution to our country.

Currently, one partial bursary is awarded annually to one candidate. The fund does not have the capacity to award a full bursary or additional bursaries to more candidates. Contributions from Alumni to the fund have reduced over the last few years and GIBS currently relies solely on the interest from the fund to award this partial bursary.


Please contact should you like to contribute towards the bursary fund.


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