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The GIBS Alumni Body consists of all the DBA, MBA, PGDip, PDBA, and PMD graduates of the School since its opening in 2000.

Programme Structure

To nurture relationships with GIBS Alumni for mutual benefit. We want to reconnect, refresh, reenergize and inspire our alumni community thereby building lifelong relationships with them. We want to build upon our shared values to make a positive impact at an individual, company, and country level. At GIBS we value continuous development throughout one’s life, in the alumni relations office, this translates into opportunities for alumni to build upon their life’s learnings and continuously shape their knowledge, experience, and networks. We are welcoming, inclusive, and respectful. We seek to maintain our high standards of professionalism and hospitality ensuring our alumni enjoy and benefit from the GIBS experience.

Reconnect with your alumni office and fellow alumni

1. GIBS Alumni LinkedIn Group

Join the GIBS Alumni LinkedIn Group and join the GIBS website to receive weekly updates. By fully integrating with social networks, and cultivating a culture of helping and giving back, you will be amazed how vibrant your Gordon Institute of Business Science alumni community is!

2. The GIBS DBA, MBA,PGDip and PDBA Exclusive Portal

GIBS Alumni Connect allows you to both re-connect and re-engage with old classmates as well as enabling you to utilize the trusted Gordon Institute of Business Science environment to expand your professional network and refresh your knowledge. If you are interested in our accreditations and affiliations, click here .


Being a GIBS Alumnus also entitles you to the following benefits



The Alumni Office would like your assistance with the following initiatives

  • Let us know if you or your company are willing to host groups of GIBS MBA students for company visits.

  • Volunteers are needed for our various  MBA/PDBA open evenings throughout the year.

  • Volunteers are required for coaching/tutoring and mentoring of our current students.

  • Let us know should you be willing to provide testimonials about your GIBS experience.

  • Let us know should you have embarked on an interesting venture and would be willing for us to profile you on our various media channels.

  • Let us know should you have something to share and inspire people and wish to be a speaker at one of our numerous events.

  • Let us know should you have any suggestions around initiatives that you would like to see coming from your alumni office.
    Send us an email at indicating your interest in getting involved!


Contact us

For any queries or personal information updates, please send an email to

Alumni in the Spotlight

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