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Colin Coleman - Structural Inequality & State Capture
<div class="ExternalClass41D553B62E114856A34E60BE6342DEB3"><p>​<span style="color&#58;#111111;text-transform&#58;none;text-indent&#58;0px;letter-spacing&#58;normal;font-family&#58;roboto,arial,sans-serif;font-size&#58;14px;font-style&#58;normal;font-weight&#58;400;word-spacing&#58;0px;display&#58;inline !important;white-space&#58;pre-wrap;float&#58;none;background-color&#58;#ffffff;">Colin Coleman , Head of Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Division for Sub-Saharan Africa believes that the problem of structural inequality underlies our deepest problems and allows state capture to exist.</span></p></div>
04 December 2017
Jacques Pauw - SA's Immediate Future Remains Bleak
<div class="ExternalClassA6E56F6099104422818720E5AF9AC1BA"><p>​<span style="color&#58;#111111;text-transform&#58;none;text-indent&#58;0px;letter-spacing&#58;normal;font-family&#58;roboto,arial,sans-serif;font-size&#58;14px;font-style&#58;normal;font-weight&#58;400;word-spacing&#58;0px;display&#58;inline !important;white-space&#58;pre-wrap;float&#58;none;background-color&#58;#ffffff;">Investigative journalist and author of The President's Keepers Jacques Pauw, believes the immediate future in SA remains bleak.</span></p></div>
04 December 2017
Kuseni Dlamini - Skeptical Optimist
<div class="ExternalClass87E6BC232930407F96A4FC864B15606C"><p>​<span style="color&#58;#111111;text-transform&#58;none;text-indent&#58;0px;letter-spacing&#58;normal;font-family&#58;roboto,arial,sans-serif;font-size&#58;14px;font-style&#58;normal;font-weight&#58;400;word-spacing&#58;0px;display&#58;inline !important;white-space&#58;pre-wrap;float&#58;none;background-color&#58;#ffffff;">Chairman of Massmart Kuseni Dlamini says we should all be ashamed that widespread corruption has happened under our midst.</span></p></div>
04 December 2017
Angelo Fick - SA's Short Term Future is Messy
<div class="ExternalClass0B9A4C9F8DBD47BDA300E8C44F3C581B"><p>​<span style="color&#58;#111111;text-transform&#58;none;text-indent&#58;0px;letter-spacing&#58;normal;font-family&#58;roboto,arial,sans-serif;font-size&#58;14px;font-style&#58;normal;font-weight&#58;400;word-spacing&#58;0px;display&#58;inline !important;white-space&#58;pre-wrap;float&#58;none;background-color&#58;#ffffff;">Angelo Fick , senior researcher at ENCA says that South Africa’s short term future is messy.</span></p></div>
04 December 2017
Adam Cracker - Stakes are High
<div class="ExternalClass474F610FE56A4F33BB5C67F5327C57F2"><p>​<span style="color&#58;#111111;text-transform&#58;none;text-indent&#58;0px;letter-spacing&#58;normal;font-family&#58;roboto,arial,sans-serif;font-size&#58;14px;font-style&#58;normal;font-weight&#58;400;word-spacing&#58;0px;display&#58;inline !important;white-space&#58;pre-wrap;float&#58;none;background-color&#58;#ffffff;">Adam Craker, CEO of IQbusiness says the ANC knows the stakes are very high if it continues on the path of corruption.</span></p></div>
04 December 2017
Pravin Gordhan on the upcoming ANC National Conference
<div class="ExternalClass544554B0AA144FFF8C2EEE512FDE01E7"><p>​<span style="color&#58;#111111;text-transform&#58;none;text-indent&#58;0px;letter-spacing&#58;normal;font-family&#58;roboto,arial,sans-serif;font-size&#58;14px;font-style&#58;normal;font-weight&#58;400;word-spacing&#58;0px;display&#58;inline !important;white-space&#58;pre-wrap;float&#58;none;background-color&#58;#ffffff;">Pravin Gordhan, ANC National Executive Committee member and former Minister of Finance on the upcoming conference.</span></p></div>
23 November 2017
Pravin Gordhan calls for a more Active Citizenry against State Capture.
<div class="ExternalClassFD8143AAE37D43A9A5249FA2B240FDAD"><p><span style="color&#58;#111111;text-transform&#58;none;text-indent&#58;0px;letter-spacing&#58;normal;font-family&#58;roboto,arial,sans-serif;font-size&#58;14px;font-style&#58;normal;font-weight&#58;400;word-spacing&#58;0px;display&#58;inline !important;white-space&#58;pre-wrap;float&#58;none;background-color&#58;#ffffff;">Pravin Gordhan, ANC National Executive Committee member and former Minister of Finance calls for a more active citizenry against state capture.</span>​</p></div>
23 November 2017
Gail Kelly, former CEO of Westpac Bank and author of Live, Lead, Learn on leadership.
<div class="ExternalClassB0D927F1A66B4B31AAF03FC39FE88152"><p>​<span style="color&#58;#000000;text-transform&#58;none;text-indent&#58;0px;letter-spacing&#58;normal;font-family&#58;calibri,helvetica,sans-serif,serif,emojifont;font-size&#58;16px;font-style&#58;normal;font-weight&#58;400;word-spacing&#58;0px;display&#58;inline !important;white-space&#58;normal;float&#58;none;background-color&#58;#ffffff;">Gail Kelly, former CEO of Westpac Bank and author of Live, Lead, Learn on leadership.</span></p></div>
23 November 2017
Justice Edwin Cameron - Addressing Class Dimensions
<div class="ExternalClassED25A5E7221E49EC8389C2C6689A0D7F"><p>​Justice Edwin Cameron believes we also need to address class dimensions when talking about inclusivity.</p></div>
07 November 2017
Bongani Nqwababa - Taking Charge of Transformation
<div class="ExternalClass6C2F06B334A34B9896E05202EA40ADB5"><p>​Bongani Nqwababa, joint president and Chief Executive Officer of Sasol feels that in the current South African political climate, it was necessary for organisations and individuals to take charge of transformation</p></div>
07 November 2017
Dr Liziwe Masoga
<div class="ExternalClass7B46D50D41D849B1AF6CE622735AA88F"><p>​Dr Liziwe Masoga, a human resource executive at Old Mutual Insure says that diversity is simply good for business.</p></div>
07 November 2017
Nene Molefi - Complexities of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
<div class="ExternalClassBC64722548E949EAA11F2BEEEBB63887"><p>​Nene Molefi, author of A Journey of Diversity &amp; Inclusion in South Africa, on the complexities of bringing diversity and inclusion into the workplace.</p></div>
07 November 2017
Dr Jonathan Broomberg - Leading the Conversations on Transformation
<div class="ExternalClass499EEA8ADFF84924A7961C860DC03BD4"><p>​Dr Jonathan Broomberg, CEO of Discovery Health believes business leaders must lead the conversations on transformation.</p></div>
07 November 2017
Phuti Mahanyele - Women in Senior Leadership
<div class="ExternalClass86E0FC33A12A476DA7039B8A3FDBDE8F"><p>​Phuti Mahanyele, executive chairman of Sigma Capital says that the number of women in senior leadership positions remains discouragingly low.</p></div>
11 October 2017
Dr Judy Dlamini - Equal But Different
<div class="ExternalClassBEB971E3372D4BD3B9E60E7A9A5710EB"><p>​Dr Judy Dlamini, author of Equal But Different, says equality is good for the economy, good for the community and good for our daughters.</p></div>
11 October 2017
Professor Stella Nkomo - Effective Women Leaders
<div class="ExternalClass24EC3410D0394BC3BCE8C94F7E330F14"><p>​Professor Stella Nkomo, strategic professor in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences at the University of Pretoria, believes that women are very effective leaders and that the stereotype needs to change.</p></div>
11 October 2017
Dion Shango - Gender Eqaulity in the Workplace
<div class="ExternalClassFAE8440202884EDEA7A5604BF85212AE"><p>​Dion Shango, CEO of professional services firm PWC Southern Africa believes one of the reasons for a lack of gender transformation was because gender diversity and advancement had been made a women’s problem.</p></div>
11 October 2017
Adrian Gore - Making People Healthy
<div class="ExternalClass63E642893869422EBDA24075FC8837BB"><p>​Founder and CEO of the Discovery Group, Adrian Gore says the company, created on the simple premise of making people healthier, can act as a force for good through its core purpose.</p></div>
01 October 2017
Adrian Gore - Business Should be a Force for Good
<div class="ExternalClassE8BAE903BDD1482DAEE951D3B3A2BC8C"><p>​Adrian Gore, founder and CEO of the Discovery Group, believes business should be a force for good.</p></div>
01 October 2017
Graeme Codrington - Cost Cutting and Efficiencies
<div class="ExternalClass6E9F4FD5A45E41E9AD8C505678A8E6DC"><p>​Graeme Codrington, researcher, author, futurist, presenter and board advisor on on Cost Cutting and Efficiencies.</p></div>
10 September 2017
Thebe Ikalafeng - Kotler and The Four P’s of Marketing
<div class="ExternalClassC4D3E7FF488344289EE79BC44A37A8C8"><p>​Thebe Ikalafeng, founder, Brand Leadership Group, on Kotler and the Four P’s of Marketing.</p></div>
10 September 2017
Dr Ilka Dunne - Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory
<div class="ExternalClass33B47C735B2A41D095A4EDAE02D3F4AA"><p>​Dr Ilka Dunne, leadership, culture and young talent for Rand Merchant Bank on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory.</p></div>
10 September 2017
Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma - Creating the South Africa We All Want
<div class="ExternalClassD262A35B6432435B971501439F5055B8"><p>​Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma - Creating the South Africa We All Want</p></div>
30 August 2017
Tembinkosi Bonakele - Igniting Growth in the South African Economy
<div class="ExternalClassE30EB2431DB349C4BD3A7373CB1C6140"><p>​Competition Commissioner Tembinkosi Bonakele believes the office of the Commission can have an important role in igniting growth in the South African Economy.</p></div>
30 August 2017
Tembinkosi Bonakele - Monopolies, Inclusivity and Growing the Economy
<div class="ExternalClass1D25ECBC8BCA48348978E8E2085CFDDB"><p>​Competition Commissioner Tembinkosi Bonakele on monopolies, inclusivity and growing the economy.</p></div>
30 August 2017
Jakkie Cilliers - ANC's Power Struggle Between the Traditionalists and the Reformers
<div class="ExternalClass0CDE09D29F4A4B4BB039739374F1764D"><p>​Jakkie Cilliers, scenario planner, believes the ANC is paralysed by the power struggle between the Traditionalists (supporters of Jacob Zuma) and the Reformers (led by Cyril Ramaphosa and others) which has led to policy confusion and poor leadership.</p></div>
30 August 2017
Gwen Ngwenya - Future Scenarios that are Likely to Play Out in SA
<div class="ExternalClass69AB7AAF44EC48D4ADDD2B3EB96F5C1F"><p>​Gwen Ngwenya, COO of the South African Institute of Race Relations, responds to Jakkie Cilliers on the future scenario’s that are likely to play out in SA.</p></div>
30 August 2017
Jakkie Cilliers - Three Scenarios for our Immediate Future
<div class="ExternalClassADCB72B064BA44E2A722478CAD27FE1B"><p>​Jakkie Cilliers, author of Fate of the Nation, details the three scenarios for our immediate future and beyond – Bafana Bafana, Nation Divided and Mandela Magic.</p></div>
30 August 2017
Jonathan Jansen - The Fees Must Fall Movement
<div class="ExternalClassFCB876A0C3EF4053BD1059EC28311CE4"><p>​Professor Jonathan Jansen, author of As By Fire, believes that the Fees Must Fall movement was a proxy for fighting wider societal ills.</p></div>
02 August 2017
Jonathan Jansen - Breaking Down of South African Universities
<div class="ExternalClassF7AE05B253FF4E7A889E75B47BCD2C91"><p>​Professor Jonathan Jansen, author of As By Fire and who was Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Free State during the student protests of 2015 and 2016, believes it’s frightening how quickly South African universities can be broken down.</p></div>
02 August 2017
Jonathan Jansen - Credible Government is Needed to Solve the Education Crisis
<div class="ExternalClass3E0C1C1318E24BBA9D473F486827D153"><p>​Professor Jonathan Jansen, author of “As By Fire” believes that a credible government is needed to solve the education crisis in SA.</p></div>
02 August 2017
Jonathan Jansen - The Shortage of Black Academics
<div class="ExternalClass71CCA285B99740DA902A4C340EE1CD0A"><p>​Professor Jonathan Jansen, author of “As By Fire” on the shortage of black academics.</p></div>
02 August 2017
Professor Lorenzo Fioramonti - The Wrong Economic Trajectory
<div class="ExternalClassC179E62D9E784A12BEEA48134FDDA052"><p>​Professor Lorenzo Fioramonti, author of the Wellbeing Economy, believes the South African economy is on the wrong economic trajectory.</p></div>
25 July 2017
Professor Lorenzo Fioramonti - Interrogating the Notion of Growth at All Costs
<div class="ExternalClass147076C38C4B4A5FBCB6FFE2B5D5C960"><p>​Professor Lorenzo Fioramonti, author of the Wellbeing Economy, believes that we need to interrogate the notion of growth at all costs.</p></div>
25 July 2017
Nelson Sekgota - 3D Printing, Customization & Personalisation
<div class="ExternalClassC0A2E02FC0EC44619D1C90F368953B7E"><p>​Nelson Sekgota, founder, WeCustomize on 3D printing, customization &amp; personalisation.</p></div>
18 July 2017
Rick Treweek - Alternative Realities
<div class="ExternalClass3B4CCA74F16F42D7B2C7E034F2C44D07"><p>​Rick Treweek, Founder of Alt Reality technology studio on the alternative realities and how SA could be leader in technology globally</p></div>
18 July 2017
Stephen Gray - The Bottom Up Economy
<div class="ExternalClass75AE2433BF0740239BD9642D9025763A"><p>​Stephen Gray, founder of the Makerspace Foundation on the underlying cultural shifts that drive us to certain technologies, the democratisation of manufacturing and the bottom up economy.</p></div>
18 July 2017
Trevor Manuel - Treating Corruption as a Violation of Law
<div class="ExternalClass5E2A40A82BBA45809C197B60A47198AF"><p>​Former Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel believes corruption should be treated as a violation of the law and not just an ethical misdemeanor.</p></div>
13 July 2017
Mike Brown - Business Involved in Politics
<div class="ExternalClass3CE429A06B0A426EA675918119D91DC8"><p>​Nedbank Group CEO Mike Brown, believes it is incredibly difficult to run a successful business in an unsuccessful society.</p></div>
13 July 2017
Trevor Manuel - Creating an Accountable Political Order
<div class="ExternalClass6905359FA9B5438D819841AD7727EDF3"><p>​Former Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel believes it is necessary to construct a political order with men and women who care and who want to be held accountable.</p></div>
13 July 2017
Bobby Madhav - FNB's Growth in India
<div class="ExternalClass7A150178F63948B6AB8017F872E6E425"><p>​Head of Trade and Structured Trade and Commodity Finance at First National Bank, Bobby Madhav stalks about the banks growth in India.</p></div>
11 July 2017
Consul General of India: Lessons from India
<div class="ExternalClass45CC621F02054336830E39521CCE8F3C"><p>​Consul General of India to Johannesburg, Dr K.J. Srinivasa on the many lessons South Africa can learn from India.</p></div>
11 July 2017
Consul General of India: Impressive India
<div class="ExternalClassB9B2611D44A34819A656F62537E5B2BA"><p>​Impressive India&#58; Consul General of India to Johannesburg, Dr K.J. Srinivasa takes about India as “one of the shining lights of the world economic landscape.”</p></div>
11 July 2017
Ayabonga Cawe - Creating Long Term Stability
<div class="ExternalClass900750CC2748427BB9C76E093E0D0A09"><p>​Economist and presenter at PowerFM, Ayabonga Cawe, believes many of South Africa’s persistent economic problems are structural, and that interventions should focus on creating long term stability.</p></div>
29 June 2017
Dr Mampho Modise - The Impact of Low Growth
<div class="ExternalClass4B7CDB7D3CB74223A3F29A0A6D17392B"><p>​Dr Mampho Modise, chief director for strategy and risk management at National Treasury believes low growth would impact on tax revenue collections this year, making the task of striking a balance between growth and fiscal consolidation even more difficult.</p></div>
29 June 2017
Sfiso Buthelezi - South African Reserve Bank, Inflation Targeting, ANC Policy
<div class="ExternalClassFAB7E63B746B40BBAD2DF0F6E501E9B8"><p>​Deputy Minister of Finance Sfiso Buthelezi on the independence of South African Reserve Bank, inflation targeting and ANC policy.</p></div>
29 June 2017
Stephen Koseff - Breaking Down the Mistrust Between Government & Business
<div class="ExternalClass6361CD74000948ABB05001B9A4C98E34"><p>​Stephen Koseff, chief executive officer of Investec Group believes that we need to be globally competitive and that even the language of radical economic transformation was problematic</p></div>
29 June 2017
Andile Sangqu & Stephen Koseff - The Mining Charter III
<div class="ExternalClass8B32ACE2A9EE4505B175DC921D54E99D"><p>​Andile Sangqu, Vice President of the Chamber of Mines and Stephen Koseff, chief executive officer of Investec Group on the latest iteration of the Mining Charter and creating a “business friendly” environment.</p></div>
29 June 2017
Andile Sangqu - Mistrust between Government, Business and Labour
<div class="ExternalClassC165F6705E324B66A2FA697F5478DA5A"><p>​Deep levels of mistrust between government, business and labour can only be resolved through negotiation and compromise, Vice President of the Chamber of Mines Andile Sangqu told a GIBS leadership engagement forum.</p></div>
29 June 2017
Nic Kohler - Communicating the Good of Business
<div class="ExternalClass40FCDCA322104FDAB84673053030EFDA"><p>​Nic Kohler, CEO of the Hollard Group believes there is a need to communicate the good that has been done by business because the assumption is that business does harm.</p></div>
29 June 2017
Cyril Ramaphosa - Radical Economic Transformation
<div class="ExternalClass712B5F66FF894D5EBEECD4A7E875651B"><p>​Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa says all South Africans must be active and enthusiastic participants in the economic transformation of the country.</p></div>
20 June 2017
Ben Kruger - Operating and Opportunities on the Continent
<div class="ExternalClassB2E620B26F6D417E9A8187D9605B7385"><p>​Ben Kruger, Joint Chief Executive of Standard Bank on operating and opportunities on the continent.</p></div>
11 June 2017
Ben Kruger - Technology and Cyber Security in the Banking Sector
<div class="ExternalClass14565CDABA8642FDA4B45ECACFD4C5CF"><p>​Ben Kruger, Joint Chief Executive of Standard Bank Group on technology and cyber security in the banking sector.</p></div>
11 June 2017
Professor Gunther Pauli - 3D Farming
<div class="ExternalClass838BBB8622624E02A74E46E3075A2D8E"><p>​Professor Gunther Pauli, founder of Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives (ZERI) and author of ‘The Blue Economy’ explains 3D Farming and believes South Africa has an abundance of resources and skills that could be used in the Blue Economy model.</p></div>
07 June 2017
Enrico Baldassarri - Business Acumen Programme
<div class="ExternalClassA009428A13FF4F7B94E0F6F37C296A87"><p>​Enrico Baldassarri, regional managing director for Africa at Revlon speaks to Nishen Munnisunker, director of Open Programmes at GIBS about the newly launched business acumen programme.</p></div>
07 June 2017
Socio-Economic Future of South Africa Initiative
<div class="ExternalClassE5052798D1F94D9286609A45089B1C10"><p>​SEFSA, the Socio-Economic Future of South Africa is an initiative aimed at fostering inclusive dialogue to secure a prosperous future for all South Africans. These leaders met as at GIBS part of SEFSA, under Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, the Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town.</p></div>
07 June 2017
Professor Gunther Pauli - The Blue Economy
<div class="ExternalClassC3D34D355A174745B7C5EAB1732888EA"><p>​Professor Gunther Pauli, founder of Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives (ZERI) and author of ‘The Blue Economy’ explains what The Blue Economy is.</p></div>
07 June 2017
Wenzile Madonsela - How Millennials Should Respond to Challenges
<div class="ExternalClass6651C2AFDF9748A396129A6E3BD0C1DB"><p>​Human rights activist and law student Wenzile Madonsela on how millennials should respond to challenges of national importance.</p></div>
29 May 2017
Nomatter Ndebele - The Fight for Freedom
<div class="ExternalClass6B16991A1CA94CD78B587F919F83813B"><p>​Nomatter Ndebele, a journalist at social justice group Section27 believes that the previous generation fought for freedom but were given democracy instead.</p></div>
29 May 2017
Lovelyn Nwadeyi - Approaching Issues From a Different Perspective
<div class="ExternalClassD5B242592C434E40AD40E088CE8B1BA8"><p>​Lovelyn Nwadeyi, former student activist and Head of Research for Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs at MTN believes that we have created systems that have allowed poverty to flourish, while what we need is to approach things from a different perspective.</p></div>
29 May 2017
Reuel Khoza - Take Charge of Your Destiny
<div class="ExternalClass0F16E3D403BF415A9EB70173E37E1FBE"><p>​Dr Reuel Khoza, author of Attuned Leadership, Let Africa Lead, The African in my Dream and The Power of Governance encourages millennials to take charge of their own destiny.</p></div>
29 May 2017
Reuel Khoza - A Call to Respond to the Current State of the Nation
<div class="ExternalClassD1F52E3561F54EDC92978C0E3492EE6A"><p>​Dr Reuel Khoza, author of Attuned Leadership, Let Africa Lead, The African in my Dream and The Power of Governance calls on millennials to respond to the current state of the nation.</p></div>
29 May 2017
Yusuf Randera-Rees - The Evolution of Business into Social Enterprises
<div class="ExternalClass12A372FCE2474673A9D2DF5CA4B38054"><p>​Yusuf Randera-Rees, CEO and co-Founder of entrepreneurship investment company the Awethu Project, feels the evolution of business into social enterprises is encouraging, as this could be the beginning of a social movement where people spend their days in meaningful work contributing to society.</p></div>
29 May 2017
Dr Greg Mills - Six Key Themes in 'Making Africa Work’
<div class="ExternalClass634710892E6440C2A06B67DF447BDF80"><p>​Dr Greg Mills, co-author of “Making Africa Work’ talks about the book and the process that gave rise to it.</p></div>
18 May 2017
Chief Olusegun Obasanjo - Getting the Simple Things Right
<div class="ExternalClassBFE45C7ABECA463E986813AD91A98631"><p>​Former president of Nigeria and co-author of ‘Making Africa Work’, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo talks about getting the simple things right.</p></div>
18 May 2017
Iris Bohnet - Changing Biased Behaviours
<div class="ExternalClassCA9DF5F5F4CD4D96972AF3059449CE21"><p>​Iris Bohnet, author of What Works&#58; Gender Equality by Design believes with easy interventions, an organisation can change behaviour rather than try to change a mind-set, which takes much longer.</p></div>
02 May 2017
Iris Bohnet - Conducting Unbiased Interviews
<div class="ExternalClass97951BE2DCD1424FA855E6BD5C11620B"><p>​Iris Bohnet, author of What Works&#58; Gender Equality by Design explains some of the approaches she uses when hiring people to ensure that her own bias doesn’t prevent her from finding the right employee.</p></div>
02 May 2017
Iris Bohnet - Triggers that Offset Our Unconscious Bias
<div class="ExternalClassA3F76F1F902344E28798BBF8935BB300"><p>​Iris Bohnet, professor of public policy at Harvard Kennedy School in the US&#160; and author of What Works&#58; Gender Equality by Design believes there are numerous triggers that offset our unconscious bias.</p></div>
02 May 2017
Cas Coovadia - An Inclusive Economy and Economic Restructuring
<div class="ExternalClassEC8A21E5491B4B2781CFF199BCC31D8B"><p>​Cas Coovadia, MD of the Banking Association of South Africa talks about an inclusive economy and economic restructuring.</p></div>
23 April 2017
Moeletsi Mbeki - The Current Economic and Political Crisis
<div class="ExternalClassF1E32B72FC604053BA514C0B7A6719E6"><p>​Moeletsi Mbeki, political analyst and author on the current economic and political crisis.</p></div>
23 April 2017
Iraj Abedian - South Africa's Economy is not a Pushover
<div class="ExternalClass2691E82817984437AF2EB6E5F6119D7C"><p>​Iraj Abedian, founder and Chief Executive of Pan-African Capital Holdings, believes that the SA economy is not a pushover and that there is still reason to be cautiously optimistic.</p></div>
23 April 2017
Moeletsi Mbeki - An Unlikely Split in the ANC
<div class="ExternalClass59DE004B94DA44F8981033DD590F05FC"><p>​Moeletsi Mbeki, political analyst and author on a likely split in the ANC.</p></div>
23 April 2017
Adam Ikdal - South Africa's Financial Inclusion
<div class="ExternalClassA0F344AD24DF4E7A8DD0280FB456E099"><p>​According to Senior partner at BCG Johannesburg Adam Ikdal, research on financial inclusion shows that, compared to other emerging markets, South Africa is below average.</p></div>
19 April 2017
Adam Ikdal - Measuring Financial Inclusion
<div class="ExternalClassC2473569643D41FD8A3AAF2920FDE0DE"><p>​Adam Ikdal, Senior partner at BCG Johannesburg believes South Africa has made gains in providing previously unbanked people access to accounts however this is only the most basic measure of financial inclusion.</p></div>
19 April 2017
Marius Oosthuizen - The Future of Banking, Services and Finance
<div class="ExternalClass4FD4DB2D5E7C4AF79355B0B8393B0608"><p>​Marius Oosthuizen, GIBS Faculty&#58; Leadership, Strategy and Ethics on the Future of Banking, Services and Finance.</p></div>
18 April 2017
In conversation with Ian Fuhr, CEO of Sorbet
<div class="ExternalClass8F6ADA7C34554E098B0FD29E8DA073A9"><p>​Dr Tendai Mkhize chats to Sorbet CEO, Ian Fuhr about the brand, its value proposition and growth into different markets.</p></div>
11 April 2017
Bob Dorf - Building Customer Relationship
<div class="ExternalClass1CCF339EF8914BC494C4D0E9D272C8AB"><p>​Bob Dorf, serial entrepreneur and co-author of 'The Startup Owners Manual' on finding a market and building customer relationships.</p></div>
02 April 2017
Bob Dorf - Advice for Would-Be Entrepreneurs
<div class="ExternalClass08B9544F62564F8BAB47A1D89621901E"><p>​Bob Dorf, serial entrepreneur and co-author of 'The Startup Owners Manual' offers some sound advice for would-be entrepreneurs.</p></div>
02 April 2017
Jeff Radebe - Responsible Leadership
<div class="ExternalClassC15CDF18CC7C4655B170EABFF74FF29C"><p>​Jeff Radebe, Minister in the Presidency, talks about Responsible Leadership at a conference hosted by the UP Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership.</p></div>
26 March 2017
Marius Oosthuizen - What is Strategic Foresight?
<div class="ExternalClassA165361157384D90BE48C73506F43066"><p>​Marius Oosthuizen, GIBS Faculty&#58; Leadership, Strategy and Ethics on strategic foresight and how businesses of today should implement it.</p></div>
26 March 2017
Dr Zweli Mkhize - Upcoming ANC Policy Conference
<div class="ExternalClass3E643731A6C7427F8440018130AC14BC"><p>​Dr Zweli Mkhize, ANC Treasurer General on the upcoming policy conference which needs to address slow economic growth.</p></div>
16 March 2017
Mcebisi Jonas - Leadership and Inclusivity
<div class="ExternalClass190A75119E8C4D3A87DE4D8D64C66FB0"><p>​Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas on leadership, inclusivity and escaping the low growth trap.</p></div>
15 March 2017
Mcebisi Jonas - Redistribution
<div class="ExternalClass985AD06828F749C7A81894D863E87724"><p>​Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas believes the narrow definition of redistribution won’t create new wealth and new assets.</p></div>
13 March 2017
Soumen Ghosh - Keeping up with Disruptors
<div class="ExternalClass3EAFB4EDE0094EDF834F34D2A28EC242"><p>​Professor Soumen Ghosh, professor of operations and supply chain management in the Scheller College of Business at Georgia Institute of Technology believes companies will be forced to reinvent themselves in order to survive the onslaught from new disruptors.</p></div>
12 March 2017
Soumen Ghosh - The Front End Flip in the Supply Chain
<div class="ExternalClassAC2DA3C1CF21483F997EE7D3C3A142BA"><p>​Professor Soumen Ghosh, professor of operations and supply chain management in the Scheller College of Business at Georgia Institute of Technology believes that technology &#160;has killed the traditional supply chain and that there is now a “front end flip in the supply chain,”</p></div>
09 March 2017
Ian Goldin - The Impact of Globalisation (Part 2)
<div class="ExternalClassBA0B3935A59C4C0C90874021355F32D5"><p>​Ian Goldin, author of Age of Discovery on the profound impact globalisation is having on our lives</p></div>
08 March 2017
Ian Goldin - The Impact of Globalisation (Part 1)
<div class="ExternalClassD4511DFDE2E04005896C03B3C74E1F6F"><p>​Ian Goldin, author of Age of Discovery on the profound impact globalisation is having on our lives</p></div>
08 March 2017
Alan Hilburg - Employee Engagement Trends for 2017
<div class="ExternalClassA5CCD05291E840FC8A0514B31F642896"><p>​President of HilburgMalan Alan Hilburg &#160;on the Employee engagement trends for 2017</p></div>
05 March 2017
Carl Sparks - Disrupting Traditional Industries
<div class="ExternalClass0E6CD7AE841344DA95906466A9F539B7"><p>​Carl Sparks, CEO of Academic Partnerships, on disrupting traditional industries such as higher education</p></div>
01 March 2017
Carl Sparks - Organisational Response to Disruption
<div class="ExternalClass470E52297E694EDE867F9475219639C7"><p>​Carl Sparks, CEO of Academic Partnerships, on organisational response to disruption</p></div>
01 March 2017
Carl Sparks - The Fundamental Changes of Digital Disruption
<div class="ExternalClassB519B70F3ADD4C25B290EF31C272B474"><p>​CEO of Academic Partnerships, Carl Sparks, on the fundamental changes digital disruption has brought to business models.</p></div>
01 March 2017
The 2017 Budget Speech in Lego
<div class="ExternalClass7B1888667A9E46D0B50E1D163A9F0D0F"><p>​In our ongoing efforts to make the Budget Speech accessible, the Gordon Institute of Business Science brings you the highlights of the 2017 budget speech by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. <a data-sessionlink="itct=CC8Q6TgYACITCMbDvNijqNICFQaeFgodArwIjSj4HQ" data-url="/results?q=%23budgetspeech" class="yt-uix-sessionlink " href="https&#58;//">#budgetspeech</a> <a data-sessionlink="itct=CC8Q6TgYACITCMbDvNijqNICFQaeFgodArwIjSj4HQ" data-url="/results?q=%23budgetspeech2017" class="yt-uix-sessionlink " href="https&#58;//">#budgetspeech2017</a> <a data-sessionlink="itct=CC8Q6TgYACITCMbDvNijqNICFQaeFgodArwIjSj4HQ" data-url="/results?q=%23pravingordhan" class="yt-uix-sessionlink " href="https&#58;//">#pravingordhan</a> <a data-sessionlink="itct=CC8Q6TgYACITCMbDvNijqNICFQaeFgodArwIjSj4HQ" data-url="/results?q=%23finance" class="yt-uix-sessionlink " href="https&#58;//">#finance</a> <a data-sessionlink="itct=CC8Q6TgYACITCMbDvNijqNICFQaeFgodArwIjSj4HQ" data-url="/results?q=%23economy" class="yt-uix-sessionlink " href="https&#58;//">#economy</a> <a data-sessionlink="itct=CC8Q6TgYACITCMbDvNijqNICFQaeFgodArwIjSj4HQ" data-url="/results?q=%23tax" class="yt-uix-sessionlink " href="https&#58;//">#tax</a></p></div>
23 February 2017
General Management Program - Ravi Moodley
<div class="ExternalClass300E713611A54462AEB95F9BEC492D67"><p>​Professor Karl Hofmeyr discusses the General Management Program (GMP) with Ravi Moodley&#58; General Manager, Tiger Brands</p></div>
31 January 2017
General Management Program - Deborah Kemp
<div class="ExternalClass7E2A9643F02C453195A67C86E2B4286A"><p>​Professor Karl Hofmeyr discusses the General Management Program (GMP) with Deborah Kemp&#58; Group HR Services Manager, Premier Foods</p></div>
31 January 2017
Abdullah Verachia: Reflections of the World Economic Forum 2017
<div class="ExternalClassB0EAF2F6CE0743F08AC0E96EB8C1D5C8"><p>​Reflections of the World Economic Forum 2017 with Abdullah Verachia</p></div>
26 January 2017
Jamal Sahib - 2016 Zurich Enterprise Challenge
<div class="ExternalClass60E23E27E56E4E968C0C561296F21C00"><p>​Jamal Sahib on his joint first place in the 2016 Zurich Enterprise Challenge</p></div>
26 January 2017
David Hodnett - The Decline in Global Banking
<div class="ExternalClass572DEA3568204D8AB80C12E0F941C33F"><p>​Deputy CEO of Barclays Africa Group, David Hodnett on the decline in global banking</p></div>
04 December 2016
Barbara Creecy - Reinstating Trust with Our Electorate
<div class="ExternalClass4039E30A0CB8496894BFACD68B45AA72"><p>​Gauteng Finance MEC Barbara Creecy believes it is important for those who hold public office to “reestablish the connection with those we serve to reinstate trust with our electorate.”</p></div>
04 December 2016
Pierre de Vos - South Africa's Over-reliance on the Judiciary
<div class="ExternalClass68569E7DA22541DD800043C19C81C94F"><p>​Pierre de Vos, Claude Leon Foundation Chair in Constitutional Governance at the University of Cape Town, warns there is a danger of over-reliance on the judiciary to maintain our democracy.</p></div>
04 December 2016
Professor Cheryl de la Rey - The Implications of the Fees Must Fall Protests
<div class="ExternalClass44D5D3EAD65347519C2FF87E21576A8B"><p>​Vice-chancellor and principal of the University of Pretoria Professor Cheryl de la Rey says fee protests and disruptions at institutions of higher learning had made 2016 an exceptionally difficult year.</p></div>
30 November 2016


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