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Master of Philosophy with specialisation in Change Leadership

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A specialised master's degree in change leadership for the future.

Applications are currently open for the 2022 intake.

GIBS academic programmes are fully operational in a hybrid learning environment at the moment via a blend of online and classroom-based learning methods. We are managing admissions on the view that the 2022 intake will return to full classroom-based learning. If not, we will fall back to our current mode of operation. 

The GIBS Master of Philosophy programme in Change Leadership (MPhil) brings together organisation-oriented effective change leadership content with a deep focus on more personal competencies. This masters degree will focus on change leaders involved in the future world of work and the intricacies of organisational leadership for sustainability. 

This specialised masters degree is aimed at business managers and leaders that want to develop a deeper understanding of management and organisational change to encourage responsible and sustainable business. It will ensure that leaders are equipped to manage the strategic view of the organisation while also understanding the tactics and tools required to create sustainable change at all levels. 

The objective of this programme is to develop senior change leaders, who are human-centric and able to drive change in a wide range of organisations and a variety of situations through adaptive leadership skills and capabilities. The course will introduce you to advanced research while sharpening your skills to approach organisational change from two perspectives being commercial and social, thus, helping you understand why change takes place as well as how to manage it. This is a research-intensive course focusing on effective change leadership and may articulate into a PhD.

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Download Document

Information Session

Date: 10 February 2022
Time: 18:00 - 19:00
Delivery Mode: Online (Zoom)

Please click here to register

Application Dates

Applications Open

11 November 2021

Applications Close

04 August 2022

Acceptance into this Master's programme is reviewed on a rolling basis and we highly recommend you apply as early as possible. No late applications will be considered.

Minimum Requirements

  • Completed Honours degree/ SAQA accredited NQF 8 qualification
  • Minimum of five years business experience (preferably 10 or more);
  • Matriculation certificate level competence in mathematics
  • Competence in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and a web browser
  • Good English language skills verbally and in written format
  • GIBS entrance test if degreed and GMAT if non-degreed;
  • Completed essay
  • SAQA certificate for all qualifications completed outside SA (international). Visit or email: Alternatively, you can call: +27 (0) 12 431 5070 or the helpdesk on:+27 (0) 860 111 673
  • Applicants from Non- English speaking countries will have to complete an English Proficiency Test

No undergraduate qualification: The GMAT is compulsory for applicants that do not have an undergraduate qualification.

The GMAT is facilitated by an external company  and a minimum score of 550 must be obtained in order for the application to be considered. In addition, non - degreed applicants will undergo a series of interviews and admission to the programme is subject to approval by the Senate of the University of Pretoria. The deadline to submit GMAT results is 23 July 2021.

No Honours level qualifications: If you hold a degree (SAQA accredited NQF 7 qualification) but do not hold an Honours/PGDip level qualification, you will be required to submit a portfolio of evidence in regard to recognition of prior learning.

GIBS will accept a maximum of 10% of the cohort as non-degreed students. 

Fees and Quotations

Total tuition: R179 944 (For 2 years.)

Application fee: R3 000 (Non-refundable, will be payable upon application).

Deposit: R17 000 (Non-refundable, deposit paid upon acceptance to secure place, offset against total tuition)

Global module fee: US$ 2000 - US$ 7230   (Not compulsory).

Global Module is an optional additional module offered in your second year, which comprises of an international trip to understand the key teachings of international business. You will be given a number of countries to choose from and the cost will depend on the chosen destination. The details of this module will be provided in year 2 and is invoiced in year 2 based on the exchange rate. This is not compulsory and is in conjunction with the MBA programme.

GIBS does not charge VAT on tuition fees and all prices are subject to change.

Please click here for a quote/ proforma invoice. Note no payment can be made against a quotation and you can only receive a tax invoice once you have been officially accepted onto the programme.

Part Time


2 Years




3 - 5 days a month including weekends 

(08:30 - 17:30)

View Schedule

Note: This is the tentative schedule and the confirmed schedule will be sent to all accepted students closer to the start date of the programme. These formats are subject to change and applicants will be notified of any changes timeously

Admission Process
Step 1

Compile all supporting documents. Click here for the list of supporting documents

Step 2

Submit your online application along with all supporting documents and pay the application fee. 

Step 3

Forward the reference link  provided to your referees.  Application is processed and documents verified (2-4 weeks). 

Step 4

You will be assigned a test date for the GIBS Entrance Test (You will receive an invitation to the test once your documents have been verified).

Step 5

Complete the Entrance Test (all degreed applicants) OR submit GMAT results (if non-degreed). 

Step 6

Await test results from the assessor and references will be verified (2 weeks). 

Step 7

Applicant profile is reviewed and you will receive feedback from the admissions team.

All accepted students are required to pay the deposit within 3 weeks of acceptance to secure your place on the programme. 

Feedback will be received +/-  8-10 weeks after the application is received. Click here for the application form guideline.

Please ensure the billing details are correct when completing the application form as any request to make amendments will delay your application. Ensure you have the VAT number should your company be funding the tuition fees.

Special Requirements

Special Needs: If you have a special need or disability which may require special assistance including test or examination concessions, GIBS will endeavour to accommodate your requirements. However, it is important to discuss your needs with the admissions office before you submit your application and needs to be clearly indicated on your submitted application form. 

Religious Observance: Observant students must contact the GIBS Admissions Office before you start your application to ascertain if or how your specific needs may be accommodated. Note all programmes include weekend classes and attendance is compulsory.

    For any further enquiries, please contact the Admissions Department : / +27 (0) 11 771 4000. Alternatively if you have a specific query and wish to speak to an Admissions Advisor, the "Meet the Admissions Team" session is hosted every Thursday at 14:00, please click here to book a session. 

More Information

Who should study the Mphil in Change Leadership?
The business environment is increasingly complex. Environmental, social, economic and technological changes are fundamentally impacting all organisations. New strategies and more proactive organisational responses are needed. But all too often business and organisational leaders struggle to translate important goals into substantive results. 

There is a need for leaders who can drive and enable organisational change to take advantage of new opportunities. The GIBS Master of Philosophy programme in Change Leadership (Mphil) brings organisation-oriented change leadership content together with a deep focus on more personal leadership development and competencies. The organisation-oriented material includes a focus on strategy as well as new organisational dynamics. It also includes business innovation and organisational change management methodologies.

How will you benefit from an Mphil in Change Leadership?

Cultivate change leaders who are able to sense/ recognise the need for change, communicate and articulate this need as well as build momentum to seize these opportunities. There will also be a focus on the future world of work which necessitates a distinct set of knowledge and leadership skills. 
Develop senior leaders who are human-centric and able to drive change in a wide range of organisations and variety of situations through adaptive change leadership capabilities. These change leaders confidently navigate the digitally disruptive new world of work and emerging markets, but also have the capacity to lead exciting innovations. 
Ensure leaders are equipped to manage the strategic view of the organization while also understanding the tactics and tools required to create sustainable change at all levels. Equipping students with change leadership capabilities required in senior organisational roles and as consulting partners to organisations. 
Furthermore, while working at a strategic organizational level, the programme provides opportunity for deeply personally transformative development through the inclusion of the professional coaching competency. This is key as the development of core personal capacities that enables leading others.
Finally, the masters programme also allows participants to enhance their research capability by enabling them to contribute meaningfully to scholarly change leadership debates.

Additional Information

This programme is a SAQA accredited NQF level 9 qualification. SAQA ID: 12157

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