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Spirit of Youth Programme

The Spirit of Youth programme is a forum in which 11th and 12th grade learners critically engage relevant issues so that they may better define and actuate the South Africa in which they would like to live. Learners are selected on the criteria that each has distinguished her- or himself as a leader in their school community. The expectation is that these young people are likely to have a disproportionally high impact on their immediate peers and society-at-large. The programme brings together learners from a myriad of social, economic, geographical and educational experiences with policy makers and businesspersons from across Gauteng. Our aim is that this year-long discourse will develop new understanding of the South African context and its possibilities.

Maths and Science programme

2004 - 8 activities
  • Collaboration with Investec to supply Ekhukanyisweni Primary school in Alex with the Maths/Science software for grade 6 and 7
  • Investec donated the computers and monitors to make this possible
  • Edukite and GPS assisted in the provision of the software
  • 2009 and future planned activities

Implementing the Maths/Science/Technology in the 5 secondary schools in Alex Facilitating: skills building programme for Maths and Science educators in Alex Facilitating: mentorship for the subject advisor/s responsible for the teaching of Maths and Science Collaborating with other corporates or NGOs involved in curriculum enhancement and educator empowerment e.g. Maths Centre

Staff volunteering programme

2004 - 8 activities

Staff volunteered their time at Gordon Primary School to clean-up, repair windows, start a garden and paint classrooms

2009 and future planned activities
  • Spending a lunchtime feeding the kids at Gordon Primary School
  • Spend an afternoon at the Johannesburg Children’s Home to assist with repairs or care
  • Faculty to run strategic sessions for some organisations
  • Staff to get involved in the national building programme
  • Team building / mentoring at the secondary schools in Alex


2004 - 8 activities

Identification of deserving organisations to attend some of GIBS programmes where possible An FMP 12 delegate working for Minister Alec Erwin raised R100,000 for six organisations Gauteng Network Forum used GIBS facilities for a number of workshops and meetings Lutheran Community used GIBS for meetings and workshops and GIBS donated 10 PCs and a data projector to their computer training unit.

Some Gordon Primary school staff members invited to selected forum events at no cost

2009 and future planned activities

Provide classrooms, when available, for the Tomorrow Trust for their Saturday workshops and meetings Provide a meeting room, when available, for the Gauteng Network Forum for their monthly meetings Invite some of the leaders/staff of the Gordon Primary School and the abovementioned initiatives to forum and conference events
Support academic programmes in their fund drives by allowing them to use the premises

Gordon Primary School

2004 - 8 activities
For the learner component of the programme:

The feeding scheme is providing a healthy meal on a Monday (funded by GIBS) and Friday (funded by Westbury) to approximately 300 destitute learners. The cooked meals are prepared by Westbury and transported to the school. GIBS and Nicola Kleyn have provided a fully functional mobile kitchen. Academic programmes: visits to the school were conducted earlier in the year with the delegates given the opportunity to hand out food parcels and interact with the learners on a one-to-one basis. Many of them have remained in contact with their interviewee and a few went through to celebrate their birthday with them.
Programme visits: Simba delegates visited the school and spent some time with the grade 6 and 7 learners. Grade 7: Learner achievement awards hosted by the MBA group

For the educator component of the programme:

A number of faculty ran a series of programmes in their individual capacity on the educator motivation series that was initiated last year.
An external supplier will also take the parents on the governing body through Governance training Participation in GIBS programmes
Consultants conducted a series of workshops on Saturdays, commencing in May and terminating early November.


GIBS donated 20 heaters removed from the lodge for the classrooms and old video machines and TVs AV projects, a supplier, donated mobile TV trolleys to house TV and video for classroom use 100 chairs were repaired during March 06. A supplier, Perfection, has committed to repairing desks on a monthly basis.

Involvement of academic and CSP delegates in the programme

MBA group 2 held a four ball golf day at the Roodepoort Golf Club in March. They raised funds through the sale of the fourballs and also contributed amongst themselves for the running costs. They raised approximately R110 000 for the school.
PDBA 2005 raised the sum of R35 000 by conducting a raffle where international tickets were sponsored by Lufthansa. The proceeds went towards the building of an additional classroom to house the grade 1 class. GIBS’ additional contribution of R10 000 has made it possible to commence with the building of the classroom during August at the premises in 2nd avenue.
Various individuals from GIBS certificate programmes have come forward and contributed in their individual capacity:
A student has initiated a network to receive donations or access soup at a reduced price Shelving for the library
Volunteers for clean-up week
Education software (Learnthings)
Various educational games
MBA group raised R78 000 in their entrepreneurship programme.
PDBA 2007 raised the sum of R35 000 to purchase new chairs
Firstrand (branch) raised R9 000 that they forwarded to Gordon Primary School to purchase learning material and readers

2009 and future planned activities

Feeding scheme on Mondays and Fridays - a supplier, Gallant, has also agreed to set aside a percentage of annual turnover received from GIBS towards the feeding scheme. Depending on the amounts received we will be able to introduce a meal on Wednesdays during 2009.
Edukite: Maths/Science software programme
Grade 7 farewell function hosted by the MBA group and fundraising projects for special projects such as curriculum enhancement and teacher / learning aids
General repairs to furniture, floors, windows etc
Staff development
Wellness programme
Strategy workshops
Computer training
Facilitate necessary links with other corporates so that they may also get involved in GPS where possible; Connemara – School Management Team support and mentorship
Facilitation workshop – educator support in collaboration with GIBS
General maintenance of computer equipment
Funding taxi service for out of Alex school sport challenges
Equipment, when required

Give As You Earn

2004 - 8 activities

Average number of employees participating in the GAYE programme each year : 30
Total donations distributed (including the match made by GIBS: R202 820
Average donation per employee per month: R79
Avril Elizabeth Home
Keiskamma Art Project
Kids Haven
Oliver’s House
Banakekeleni Haven
People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals
SA Guide Dogs Association
Community Aids Response
SOS Children’s Villages
Starfish Foundation
Inter Trauma Nexus
Johannesburg Children’s Home

2009 and future planned activities

Continue with the GAYE programme
Encourage more staff members to get involved
Academic programme delegate participationv

GIBS Care bin

2004-8 activities

Invitations are forwarded to staff and delegates to contribute items which various organisations are short of. Besides the contribution, the programme also creates social awareness and fuels participation in other GIBS CSR programmes. The beneficiaries include:

livers House
Saint Mary’s Children’s Home
Nkosi’s haven
Twilight children
Noah’s orphans
SOS Children’s home
PUSH (AIDS Care centre)
JHB Child welfare
IF Lend community project
Pretoria centre for the aged

2009 and future planned activities

Continued through the year with donations of clothing, blankets, toys, electrical items etc.

Take a child to work

2004-8 activities

The programme involved learners of support staff and the Alexandra Secondary School. The structured programme included guest speakers, guidance counsellors, shadowing various individuals at GIBS, meals and transport

2009 and future planned activities

To continue participating in the take a child to work day each year

AIDS Awareness Day

2004 - 8 activities

AIDS Awareness Day
Guest speakers
AIDS Testing
Live Play
Staff meals

An agreement in place with PUSH for ongoing testing and counselling to support staff.
Structured support with sub contracting companies to assist their staff members that may require special meals and ARVs.
2009 and future planned activities

To be conducted in conjunction with the MBA AIDS module

Get staff more involved with an AIDS Care centre

Sunshine Casual Day

2004 - 8 activities

Raised R4 500 in 2008 through participation of staff and certificate programme students in the programme
2009 and future planned activities

Continued participation in the programme by GIBS staff and an invitation to other delegates on the campus

Skills Development

Supervisor mentorship programme

IT training for previously disadvantaged staff

First aid training

Fire-fighting training


​ Academic fund drives for Xenophobia victims and NGO’s ​​​

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