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GIBS whitepapers and reports

Ackermann, R. (2023). Facilitation: A guide to approaches in practiceGIBS.

Alexander, K., & Oosthuizen, M. (2021). A new business environment in Africa: Understanding the post-COVID-19 context : An alternative scenarios approach. GIBS.

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Bouwer, C., Reid, A., Verachia, A., & Van der Veen, N. (2022). The business of being (more) human: Critical human-centric skills of the future and how to build them. GIBS.

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Gordon Institute of Business Science Centre for Business Ethics. (2021). Ethics barometer: SAICA trainee report. GIBS & SAICA.

Building Africa report 2022 . (2022). PPC & GIBS Centre for African Management and Markets.

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Erasmus, A. (2020). Remote working. GIBS.

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Gordon Institute of Business Science Entrepreneurship Development Academy & Zim, S. (Ed.). (2021). ESD handbook 2021: Shared value creation. Creative Space Media. 

Gordon Institute of Business Science Entrepreneurship Development Academy (2022). Sowing the seeds of change: Advancing the interests of women agripreneurs through collaborative conversations. GIBS

Hofmeyr, K., Price, G., & Myres, K. (2021). The impact of COVID-19 on postgraduate business students. GIBS.

Kleyn, N., Pogrund, G., Vivier, E., Onaji-Benson, T., & Painter, M. (2021). South African whistleblowers: Tribulations and triumphs. GIBS

Luke, L., & Lew, C. (2020). The distinctive global mindset of black South African executives. GIBS.

Mamabolo, A., & Barnard, H. (2019). The 4 As: Response strategy to stressors that negatively influence employees’ positive work behaviour. GIBS.

Marks, J., & Hidden, K. (2017). SMMEs and the green economy: muddy waters and murky futureJP Morgan & GIBS.

McNamee, M., Mhizha, T., & Bouwer, C. (2020).The fine line between "overboarded" and overburdened: Critical factors impacting the effectiveness of "busy directors" in South Africa. GIBS.

Moore, A. (2022).Team coaching: Value creation through teaming in business. GIBS.

Moore, A., & Hawarden, V. (2019). Integration: Supporting the learning process in management education. GIBS

Moore, R., Narsalay, R., Seedat, Y., Sen, A., & Chen, J. (2017). Combine and conquer: Unlocking the power of digital industry X.0. GIBS & Accenture.

Myres, K., Smith, S., & Mamabolo, A. (2022). Pivot or perish: How entrepreneurs overcame lockdown uncertainty in South Africa's townships. GIBS Entrepreneurship Development Academy & Walmart.

Myres, K., Johnstone, R., & Pogrund, G. (2022). South African SMMEs and their ethical ecosystems. GIBS.

Petzer, D. J., Matthee, M., Kuhn, S. W., & de Villiers, V. (2023). South Africa's fresh fruit industry: Optimising export performance and securing sustainable exporter-importer relationships. Henley Business School, GIBS, Stellenbosch University.

Podgrund, G. (2020). GIBS ethics barometer: Measuring performance, building trust, driving success. GIBS & Business Leadership South Africa.

Oosthuizen, M., Du Preez, M., & Alexander, K. (2021). Navigating the strategic environments in Africa post-COVID-19. GIBS.

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Oosthuizen, M., Pooe, K., & Mathu, K. (n.d.). The future of energy in SA and SADC: Current trends & alternative scenarios given key policy & strategic choices. GIBS.

Price, G., Myres, K., Redelinghuys, J., & Hofmeyr, K. (2021). From the horse's mouth: Advice from chairs on how to lead boards more effectively. GIBS

Saville, A. (2017). VISA African integration index: Volume 4. VISA Sub-Saharan Africa; GIBS.

Saville, A. (2014). Investec GIBS savings index: The real facts about saving. GIBS & Investec.

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Slovova, M. (n.d.).The internet of things: Extracting business value in South Africa. GIBS.

Slovova, M. (n.d.). Smart cities and smart grids: A vision for South Africa. GIBS.

Slovova, M. (n.d.).Transforming South African industry: IOT in the mining, automotive and insurance sectors. GIBS.

Smith, S., & Van Zyl, K. (2021). Barriers and enablers for the uptake of FinTech remittance platforms by migrant entrepreneurs in South Africa. GIBS

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White, L., & Rees, L. (n.d.). How an enabling environment could unlock corporate Africa's true potential. GIBS.

Working papers showcase on green entrepreneurship in SA. (2019). GIBS & JP Morgan.


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