Sarah Babb

Sarah Babb
Sarah Babb

I work with individuals, teams and organisations to achieve growth and greater impact. I bring over 20 years experience of leadership development. My experience is from a practical base as a leader founding and running a mulitmillion rand business for 10 years and from facilitating, teaching and coaching hundreds of leaders from across countries and sectors, as well from studying leadership on a daily basis.


Professional associate

Consulting Involvement


  • Facilitate leadership conversations for change and strategy;
  • Facilitate team conversations for change;
  • Facilitate scenarios and conversations;
  • Design learning and change interventions;
  • Programme manager; and
  • Coach executives and leaders globally.


Significant Achievements

Proud mother

Contact Details
  • PhD candidate
  • MBA (cum laude) (GIBS) 
  • PDM (cum laude) (Wits Business School) 
  • BA (Wits) 
  • Diploma in Consciousness Coaching (ICF) 
Fields of Interest
  • Leadership in transition;
  • Leading in turbulent times;
  • Transition into executive leadership;
  • Scenarios for strategic conversations;
  • Personal transitions; and
  • Leading teams with impact.
Professional Memberships
  • ICF accredited diploma
  • Comensa
  • Recognised Consciousness Coach

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