Prof Karl Hofmeyr


Professor Karl Hofmeyr
Prof Karl Hofmeyr

Karl is a full-time professor at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS). He was a professor at the University of South Africa’s Graduate School of Business Leadership until 1999. He has been a visiting professor at the HEC business school in Paris since 1997.


Full-time faculty and lecturer 

Published Research
Journal articles

Price, G., & Hofmeyr, K. (in press). The transition to general management in South Africa. South African Journal of Human Resources Management.

Crawford, V., Hofmeyr, K., & Price, G. (2015). The relationship between personality and the capacity to think strategically. South African Journal of Labour Relations, 39(1), 131-154.

Van Melle Kamp​, C., Hofmeyr, K.B., & Adonisi, M. (2014). The CEO’s route to the top: T​​​​he South African experience. South African Journal of Labour Relations, 38(2), 103-120.


Pillay, D., Hofmeyr, K., & Wöcke, A. (2014). Mission attachment and job embeddedness in the trade union sector in South Africa. South African Journal of Labour Relations, 38(1), 31-52.


Marais, A., & Hofmeyr, K. (2013). Corporate restructuring: Does damage to institutional trust affect employee engagement? South African Journal of Labour Relations, 37(2), 9-29.


Louw, K., Sutherland, M., & Hofmeyr, K. (2012). Enabling and inhibiting factors of productive organisational energy. South African Journal of Labour Relations, 36(2), 9-29.


Hofmeyr, K., & Mzobe, C. (2012). Progress towards advancing women in south african organisations: Myth or reality. African Journal of Business Management, 6(4), 1276-1289.


Richardson, A., Cook. J., &  Hofmeyr, K. (2011). How leaders generate hope in their followers. South African Journal of Labour Relations, 35(2), 47-66.


Hofmeyr, K., Templer, A., & Beaty, D. (1994). South Africa: Researching contrasts and contradictions in context of change. International Studies of Management and Organisation, 24(2), 190-208.


Templer, A., Beaty, D., & Hofmeyr, K. (1992). The challenge of management development in South Africa: So little time and so much to do. Journal of Management Development, 11(2), 32-41.

Case studies

Goldman, M., & Hofmeyr, K. (2015). Jacques Faul and Cricket South Africa (Case Study No. 9B15C035). Ontario: Ivey Publishing.
Consulting Involvement

​​Adjunct project director with Towers Watson LLC

Significant Achievements
  • Contribution to knowledge in the area of employment equity and transformation;
  • Consulting to leading companies locally and international over 25 years;
  • Trustee of the South African Committee for Higher Education (SACHED); and
  • Director of Custom Programmes at GIBS from 1999 to 2009.
Contact Details
  • ​BA (Rhodes)
  • DBL (UNISA)​
Fields of Interest
  • Organisational behaviour, leadership and transformation;
  • Employee engagement, individual behaviour and personality, change management; and
  • Leadership and personal mastery.
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