Prof Gavin Price


Professor Gavin Price
Prof Gavin Price

Prof Price is an admitted attorney and has also worked as a corporate legal advisor in the property development industry before joining the banking and finance industry.

In the banking industry, he was the legal manager and chief mediator for the industry’s ombudsman before joining Stannic (Standard Bank) as their head of legal, compliance and operational risk. He was also a member of their executive committee.

In addition to his expertise in the banking and finance industry, Dr Price has considerable experience and knowledge through his work in the property development, retail and motor industries.



  • Associate Professor
  • Head of the Leadership and Alignment Faculty Cluster
  • Chairperson of the Research Ethics Committee
  • Deputy Chairperson of the Marks Committee 


Published Research


Journal articles

Toscano, R., Price, G., & Scheepers, C. (2019). Impact of CEO arrogance on top management team attitude. European Business Review, 30(6), 630-644. doi: 10.1108/EBR-12-2016-0156

Nakazwe-Masiya, L., Price, G., & Hofmeyr, K. (2017).  Effect of the imposter phenomenon on measures of assertiveness in female professionals in South Africa. South African Journal of Labour Relations, 41(1), 46-56.

Mallaby, S., Price, G., & Hofmeyr, K. (2017). The transition to general management in South Africa. South African Journal of Human Resources Management, 15, 1-14.

Crawford, V., Hofmeyr, K., & Price, G. (2015). The relationship between personality and the capacity to think strategically. South African Journal of Labour Relations, 39(1), 131-154.

Price, G., & Muto, L.  (2014). An offender’s perspective of what motivates and deters white collar crime in the South African workplace. South African Journal of Labour Relations, 38(2), 90-102.

Price, G. (2013). Changes in attitudes towards business ethics held by former South African business management students. Journal of Business Ethics, 113(3) 429-440.

Diamond, G., & Price, G. (2012). The political economy of corporate governance reform in South Africa. South African Journal of Business Management, 43(1), 57-67.

Price, G., & De Wet, B. G. (2012). Converting the military strategy principle of simplicity into a successful tool for strategy execution in a geographically dispersed organisation. African Journal of Business Management, 6(17), 5750-5762.

Price, G., & Van der Walt, A. J. (2012). Changes in attitudes towards business ethics held by former South African business management students. Journal of Business Ethics, 113(3), 429-440.


Case Studies


Price, G. (2016). WetlandPOOLS: Wetlands and blue oceans (Case No. 9B16M167). Ontario: Ivey Publishing.

Price, G. (2011). Stakeholder management and the Endangered Wildlife Trust (Case No. 9B10M066). Ontario: Ivey Publishing.

Price, G. (2009). Market stretch (Case No. 9B09M046). Ontario: Ivey Publishing.

Conference Papers

Price, G., & Maiwashe, B. (2017, March). Mining industry social responsibility and its impact on local community. Paper presented at the Alfred Luthuli Conference on Responsible Leadership, GIBS, Johannesburg.


Consulting Involvement

Consults in the areas of strategy, business ethics, critical thinking, influence and executive decision-making.​

Contact Details

Tel : +2711 771 4223

Cell : 082 499 8888

Email : ​


  • BA (Psychology and sociology)
  • BProc (UNISA)
  • LLM (Banking law) (UNISA)
  • DBA (GIBS)
Fields of Interest

  • Persuasion and Influence 
  • Decision-making​
Professional Memberships

Admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa

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