Dr Michael Goldman

Michael Goldman
Dr Michael Goldman

Michael Goldman is a member of the Adjunct Faculty at GIBS, teaching in a number of marketing-related themes, including marketing strategy & management, branding, and sponsorship. Since joining the business school in 2000 to launch the GIBS Forum, Michael has been an active teacher, researcher and consultant in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Sport Management Programme at the University of San Francisco.


Michael has designed, delivered and assessed postgraduate marketing courses on a number of academic and executive programmes. In open public academic programmes, Michael has taught junior and middle-level managers on everything from short one-day programmes to longer multi-year MBA programmes. In closed customised executive programmes, Michael has worked with junior, middle and senior level managers from a wide range of companies, including PepsiCo, SABMiller Africa & Asia, Murray & Roberts, British American Tobacco SA, Standard Bank Group, Sasol and Barclays.

In addition to being a regular commentator on marketing and sport-related issues in the popular press and media, Michael has previously hosted a series of GIBS and Moneyweb Business of Sport podcasts. Working with Business and Arts South Africa, Michael developed a set of UNESCO and National Lottery Art Sponsorship toolkits for both business and arts organisation managers.

Published Research

Academic articles in peer-reviewed or refereed journals

​Kruger, T. S., Goldman, M. M., Ward, M. (forthcoming). The impact of new, renewal and termination sponsorship announcements on share price returns. International Journal of Sport Marketing Sponsorship.

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Books or chapters in books

Goldman, M., and McCoy, S. (forthcoming). Branding and Positioning. In m. Jansen van Rensburg, and P. Venter, Strategic Marketing(2nd Edition). Cape Town: Oxford University Press. Goldman, M. M. (2011). Corporate Sponsorship Philosophy. In Swayne, L. E. and Dodds, M. Encyclopedia of Sports Management and Marketing. Los Angeles: Sage

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Teaching case studies and notes

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Published c​onference papers

Goldman, M. M., Chadwick, S., Funk, D.C., Wocke, A. (2014). I am different when I belong: The function of team identity in seeking optimal psychological distinctiveness. North American Society for Sport Management, Pittsburgh, PA, 27-31 May 2014.

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Non-refereed publications or popular articles

Goldman, M., Night, O. D. (2014, June 24). Soccer tweets from the outfield, end zone, court and hockey rink. The Scorecard. Retrieved from http://thescorecard.org/post/392 Goldman, M. (2013). Mega events for mega returns? Acumen, 3.

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Consulting Involvement

In his consulting role, Michael has assisted a wide range of companies with strategy, marketing, sponsorship and research work, including Sasol, Entyce Beverages, SAB Ltd, First National Bank, MTN, Vodacom, TS Zakuza & Beseti Inc. and the Innovation Fund. He has also served as a member of the AIESEC in South Africa Board of Advisors

Significant Achievements

Michael was the top student in his PMD and achieved distinctions in Organisational Behaviour and SA & the World 1994 - 2004 in his MBA. He is currently completing a doctorate in the area of sports branding after achieving distinctions in Macroenvironment of Business and Strategic Marketing during the coursework phase of the programme. His co-authored case study, "Growing the Mamas & Papas brand" received an AABS/Emerald Case Writing Competition award in 2012.

Contact Details
  • B.PrimEd (UPE)
Fields of Interest
  • Marketing & customer strategy
  • Sports & Arts marketing and sponsorship
  • Branding strategy
Professional Memberships
  • Marketing Association of South Africa
  • The American Marketing Association
  • The US-based Sport Marketing Association Founding member of the South African Sport Management Knowledge Forum
  • Represented the Marketing Association of South Africa on the Advertising Standards Authority's Advertising Standards Committee

As a member of the academic community Michael has served as an external examiner for the School of Economic and Business Sciences at the University of Witwatersrand, as well as a peer reviewer for the Journal of Marketing Education, the International Journal of Sport Marketing and Sponsorship, the Academy of Management Africa Conference, and the South African Journal of Economic & Management Sciences.

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