Dr Charlene Lew

Charlene Lew
Dr Charlene Lew
Dr. Charlene Lew is a Senior Lecturer at GIBS. She teaches on the MBA and custom programmes in the areas of Strategic Leadership Decision-Making, Organisational Behaviour, Organisational Design and related subjects for instance Leading Change, Performance Management and Creative and Strategic Thinking.

Charlene supervises doctoral and MBA research, focusing the research of her students on behavioural decision-making and the intersection where strategic leadership decision-making and organisational outcomes meet. She is passionate about understanding the intra- and inter-psychological processes which drive behaviour at work, and holds a Doctorate in Psychology with a focus on adult career development.

Charlene has been employed at GIBS for more than 15 years, previously as Senior Programme Manager. Her clients included diverse entities such as BATSA, Bowman Gilfillan, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Group 5, the Imperial Group, KPMG, Medscheme, Mondi, Mpact, Omnia, Nedbank, NMI, Royal Bafokeng Platinum, SAAB EDS, Siemens, Standard Bank and Unicef to mention a few.

Prior to joining GIBS, Charlene was the Dean of the Damelin International College of Postgraduate Business Sciences.
  • Full-time faculty
  • Chair Assessment and Evaluations Committee
  • Member of GIBS Admissions Committee

Published Research

​Journal articles

Small, C. & Lew, C. (2019). Mindfulness, moral reasoning and responsibility: Towards virtue in ethical decision-making. Journal of Business Ethics. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1007/s10551-019-04272-y

Lew, C., Meyerowitz, D., & Svensson, G. (2019). Formal and informal scenario-planning in strategic decision-making: An assessment of corporate reasoning. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, 34(2), 439–450.

Lew, C. (2019). Creating value for good. SAVCA: A Journal of Activity and Trends in Southern African Private Equity and Venture Capital, 35-35.

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Book chapters

Lew, C. (2013). Adcock Ingram: Decisions and motives that steer acquisitions. In W. G. Rowe L. Guerrero (Eds.), Cases in leadership (3rd ed., pp. 6-20). Los Angeles: SAGE Publications.

Charlene has also authored and published a book on developing emotional intelligence in babies and young children.

Case studies

Lew, C. (2017). Awethu project: Values-driven decisions for profit and social impact (Case Study No. 9B17C018). Ontario: Ivey Publishing.

Lew, C. (2014). CFR Pharmaceuticals: Potential synergies in Africa. (Case Study No. 9B14C049). Ontario: Ivey Publishing.

Lew, C. (2010). Adcock Ingram: Decisions and motives that steer acquisitions. (Case Study No. 9B10C008). Ontario: Ivey Publishing. 

Conference papers

Lew, C., & Small, C. (2017). Virtue ethics and mindfulness for responsible leadership: towards a holistic approach. Paper presented at the Albert Luthuli Conference on Responsible Leadership, GIBS, Johannesburg.

Lew, C. C., De Bruin, G. P. & Nel, Z. J. (2003, June). Adult career concerns and vocational adjustment: Canonical analysis of the adult career concerns inventory and the career attitudes and strategy inventory.​ Paper presented at the 6th Annual Conference, Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa, Sandton, South Africa.

Potgieter, B.C., Botha, J. H. & Lew, C. (2004) Evidence that use of the ITIL framework is effective. Proceedings of the 17th Annual Conference of the National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications, New Zealand, 160-167.

Consulting Involvement
  • Organisational culture (assessment and intervention)
  • Senior team effectiveness (decision-making)
Contact Details

Tel :+27 11 771 4284

Email : lewc@gibs.co.za

ORCID : orcid.org/0000-0001-5701-5121

  • DLitt et Phil (Psychology)
  • MA (Psychology)
  • BA Psych (Hons)
  • BA (Psychology, Philosophy and French majors)
Fields of Interest
  • Strategic Leadership Decision-making
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Leadership

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