Prof Caren Scheepers

Professor Caren Scheepers
Prof Caren Scheepers

Prof Caren Scheepers started her career in public service as a registered Counselling Psychologist at Department of Labour and then went on to join Sanlam Insurance Company as a management consultant for eight years, after which she gained international exposure through her role as a leadership consultant at Gemini Consulting for four years. She then founded an independent consulting firm called Irodo Consulting that specialises in team interventions, executive coaching, psychometric assessments and organisational development and restructuring projects.

Caren joined the Gordon Institute of Business Science in 2007 as a part-time lecturer and since 2014 she has been a full-time member of faculty, lecturing in organisational development and contextual leadership. Caren is an accredited professional coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She authored two books on leadership coaching and co-edited the Women leadership in emerging markets book. She publishes in both local and international academic journals in these domains, as well as case studies.


Full-time faculty and lecturer

Published Research

Journal articles

Van der Westhuizen, T., Scheepers, C. B., & Kele, T. (in press). Job satisfaction and organisational support moderating the relationship between psychological contract breach and engagement. Journal of Management and Business Studies.

Khumalo, M., & Scheepers, C. B. (in press). Leadership of change in South Africa public sector turnarounds. Journal of Organizational Change Management, .

Scheepers, C., & Storm, C. (in press). Authentic leadership’s influence on ambidexterity with mediators in the South African context. European Business Review.

Scheepers, C., & Roberts, C. M. (2019). Leadership thinking processes with contextual intelligence executing diversification strategyJournal of Economics and Behavioural Studies, 11(1), 73-89.

Scheepers, C., Kele, T., & Van der Westhuizen, T. (2018). The relationship between psychological contract breach and engagement. Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies, 10(3), 187-202.

Scheepers, C., Moodley, P., & Douman A. (2018). Sponsorship and social identity in advancement of women leaders in South Africa. Gender in Management: an International Journal, 33(6), 466-498.

Scheepers, C., & Whelpton, P. (2018). Stakeholders perspectives of critical success and risk factors in a case of large-scale system implementation across Africa. South African Journal of Business Management, 49(1), 1-13.

Toscano, R., Price, G., & Scheepers, C. (2018). Impact of CEO arrogance on top management team attitude. European Business Review, 30(6), 630-644.

Dibetso, G., Scheepers, C., & Sutherland, M. (2018). Stakeholder views on the drivers and inhibitors of performance of outsourced information technology employees. European Business Review, 30(4), 446-469.

Biggs, A. L., Scheepers, C. B., & Botha, M. M. (2017). The influence of post-2008 legislation on an acquisition that turned hostile: A South African case study. South African Journal of Business Management, 48(3), 47-61.

George, R., Chiba, M., & Scheepers, C. B. (2017). An investigation into the effect of leadership style on stress-related presenteeism in South African knowledge workers. South African Journal of Human Resource Management, 15(1), 1-13.

Scheepers, C., & Reimers, C. (2016). Exploring the role of non-financial risk management in strategy processes of large retail banks. South African Journal of Business Management, 47(3), 1-12.

Van Eeden, A., Sutherland, M., & Scheepers, C. (2016). An exploration of the perceived relationship between the level of power of stakeholder groups and their resistance to organisational change. South African Journal of Labour Relations, 40(2), 99-117.

Scheepers, C. B., & Elstob, S. L. (2016). Beneficiary contact moderates relationship between authentic leadership and engagement. South African Journal of Human Resources Management, 14(1), a758. doi: dx.doi. org/10.4102/sajhrm. v14i1.758

Rautenbach, R., Sutherland, M., & Scheepers, C. B. (2015). The process by which executives unlearn their attachments in order to facilitate change. South African Journal of Labour Relations, 39(2),145-164.

Scheepers, C. B., & Shuping, J. G. (2011). The effect of human resource practices on psychological contracts at an iron ore mining company in South Africa: Original research. SA Journal of Human Resource Management, 9(1), 139-157. 


Chengadu, S., & Scheepers, C. (2017). Women leadership in emerging markets: Featuring 46 women leaders. Oxford: Routledge.

Scheepers, C. (2013). The coaching leaders’ programme: A facilitation and supervision guide. Johannesburg: Knowres Publishing.

Scheepers, C. B. (2012). Coaching leaders: 7 P tools to propel change. Randburg: Knowres Publishing.

Book chapters

Scheepers, C. B. (2017). Leadership in context. In S. Chengadu, S., & Scheepers, C. B. (Ed) (2017). Women Leadership in emerging markets. New York: Routledge, Taylor and Francis, pp. 32-64.

Scheepers, C. (2014). Women in leadership. In Winning with people: Insight for leaders and organisations. Johannesburg: ESKOM.

Case studies

Scheepers, C. B., & Myres, K. (2018). Liberty with partners for possibility: Contextual leadership in public education impact (Case Study No. 9B18M138). Ontario: Ivey Publishing.

Scheepers, C. B. & Motsepe, S. (2018). T-Systems South Africa: Commencing turnaround through women's contextual leadership (Case Study No. 9B18C045). Ontario: Ivey Publishing.

Scheepers, C. B., Verachia, A., & Motsepe, S. (2018). T-Systems South Africa: Contextual leadership of shared value, Ivey Publishing, 9B18C024.

Scheepers, C. B., & Van der Veen, N. (2018). Unilever South Africa: Contextual intelligence in leading culture of inclusive growth. Ivey Publishing, 9B18C015.

Scheepers. C. B., & Ramsingh, C. (2018). Bidcorp Baltics: Contextually Intelligent Leadership of entrepreneurial food services. Ivey Publishing, 9B18C013.

Zungu, S., Mathu, K., & Scheepers, C. B. (2018). Addressing operational constraints through Contextual Leadership at KZN Public Hospital. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Collection.

Scheepers, C. & Oosthuizen, M. (2018). Strategic foresight for organizational agility: Nedbank area collaboration.. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Collection.

Scheepers, C. B., Thomas, L., & Meyer, E. (2017). Juggling complex systems within a metropolitan health district. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, EEMCS-12-2016-0229.

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Meyer, E., Thomas, L., Smith, S., & Scheepers, C. B. (2017). South African Health Decentralisation: requiring contextually intelligent leaders. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, EEMCS-12-2016-0230. 

Scheepers, C. B., & Moore, A. (2017). SABMiller SA: Contextual Leadership in transforming culture, Ivey Publishing, 9B17C046.

Scheepers, C., & Oosthuizen, M. (2017). Area collaboration at Nedbank: Cultivating culture through contextual leadership. Emerald Emerging Market Case collection.


Meyer, E., & Scheepers, C. (2017). Contextual leadership of a multi-partner approach to healthcare innovation. Emerald Emerging Market Case Studies.

Goh, J., Saville, A., & Scheepers, C.  (2016). Preserving the delicate balance to manage a thriving business in South Africa: The adventure of OneLogix. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies.

Scheepers, C., & Kane, E. (2016). Nedbank: Coaching capabilities for growth strategy execution (Case Study No. 9B16C003). Ontario: Ivey Publishing.

Scheepers, C., & Mathu, K. (2016). Leading change towards sustainable green coal mining (Case no. EEMCS-01-2016-0007). Emerald Emerging Markets Case Collection.

Scheepers, C., & Mathu, K. (2016). Sibanye: Changing mindsets in mining through contextual leadership (Case no. 9B16C026). Ontario: Ivey Publishing.

Scheepers, C., & Sita, D. (2016). Allergan South Africa's merger: contextual leadership sustaining culture (Case no. 9B16C044). Ontario: Ivey Publishing.

Scheepers, C. (2015). Momentum and Metropolitan's merger: Authentic transformational leadership. (Case Study No. 9B15C004). Ontario: Ivey Publishing.

Scheepers, C., Jaffit, M., & Maphalala, J. (2015). Technology driven transformation at Comair Limited. (Case Study No. 9B15C003). Ontario: Ivey Publishing.

Scheepers, C., Maphalala, J., & Van der Westhuizen, C. (2014). Nedbank: Transformational leadership in sustainable turnaround. (Case Study No. 9B14C027). Ontario: Ivey Publishing.

Scheepers, C., & Marais, S. (2012). Construction the Medupi power station. (Case Study No. 9B12C015). Ontario: Ivey Publishing.

Conference papers

Scheepers, C., & Meyer, E. (2017, March). Leveraging complexity leadership to improve the health and wellbeing of the poor and marginalised. Paper presented at the Alfred Luthuli Conference on Responsible Leadership, GIBS, Johannesburg.

Scheepers, C. (2012). Africa leads. Paper presented the Medupi Responsible Leadership Conference, Lephalale.

Scheepers, C. (2011). Coaching and mentoring. Paper presented at the Knowledge Resources Conference, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Scheepers, C. (2009). African animal analogies for leadership coaching. Paper presented at the Center for Creative Leadership Conference, Brussels.

Consulting Involvement
  • Caren manages a psychometric assessment business and is involved in organisational development with executive coaching.
  • ​​
Significant Achievements
  • Nomination for case competition of case study: Constructing the Medupi Power Station for European Foundation of Management Competition by Ivey Richards School of Business. Presented this case study on behalf of Harvard on Leadership Development Programme for Dept Health
  • Completed Comrades, Two Oceans, Argus, 94.7 and Kilimanjaro and Certificates in Wine Tasting
Contact Details

Email :

Twitter: @CareCoach


  • BSocSci (cum laude) (UOFS)
  • BA (Hons) (cum laude) (UOFS)
  • MA (Counseling Psychology) (UOFS)
  • PhD (UOFS)​​
  • Various certificates in executive coaching, organisational development and advanced clinical hypnosis 
Fields of Interest
  • Organisational development and transformation
  • Leadership and team effectiveness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Personal master
  • Change management
  • Diversity management
  • People management
  • Coaching skill
Professional Memberships
  • Psychological Association of South Africa (PSYSSA)
  • Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA)
  • Hypnosis Society of South Africa
  • Coaching and Mentoring Association of South Africa (COMENSA​)
  • Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE)

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