Tracey Proudfoot

Tracey Proufoot
Tracey Proudfoot

Stoke: To add fuel to; to fire up; to strengthen

Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, either way you are right."

This is the philosophy upon which Tracey Proudfoot has established her business consultancy. Tracey is the Founder & Director of Stoke, a consultancy that specializes in igniting the mindset required to drive behavioral change and high performance at work. She is a speaker, executive coach and consultant to a wide variety of clients. Tracey is a professional associate at GIBS and lectures on topics such as difficult conversations, coaching skills and equine leadership workshops.

She also is regularly requested to coach at GIBS and has collaborated with numerous organizations throughout South Africa, including Paycorp, Anglo Platinum, SAB, Murray and Roberts, Blue Label Telecoms, Denel, Nedbank, BCX and Bidvest Bank.

Tracey has 12 years of corporate experience spanning Sales, Sales Management and Marketing Management in both South Africa and the USA. She then went on to study an array of coaching methodologies, including Results Coaching, Process Coaching and Meta Coaching and turned her career to team facilitation work and leadership development. Tracey has a BSc in Animal Science, is a member if the ICF and is a Licensed Practitioner in the Science of Happiness at Work and Lumina Portraits.

Tracey firmly believes in the concept of Inner Leadership and focuses on effective communication, setting boundaries and creating an inner map to base decisions on. Starting in 2013, Tracey is delighted to combine her passions - leadership, learning and horses. Working with a team of horses as teachers in both coaching and training, enables her clients to understand and embed new behaviours. This means that they find it easy to implement the concepts learnt because they are not cognitive ideas, but rather behaviours that are felt.

This year Tracey decided to take on 2 really big challenges (just as she always coaches her clients to) and completed Ironman South Africa and 7 weeks later the Comrades marathon. Tracey feels she really understands the value of doing something that petrifies you and now offers keynote talks on taking big challenges head on.

Tracey's diverse and international career spanning various sectors enables her to appreciate the uniqueness of each Stoke project she takes on and so co-creates a customized solution for each client.

Tracey is a Founding Member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) Gauteng Chapter where she ran the Events Portfolio for 3 years until 2011. From 2010 to 2011, Tracey also presented a weekly inspirational business radio chat show on ChaiFM, called 'Get Stoked!'

Having lived in the USA for 4 years and travelled extensively, Tracey believes in the potential of South African business and is passionate about South Africa. Her mission is to help South Africans communicate authentically and powerfully, thus building the capacity for Inner Leadership. Tracey believes that this in turn will drive the creation of more leaders and high performing organizations with soul.


​Professional associate

Consulting Involvement
  • ​Executive coaching at small organisations as well as with corporates
  • Leadership development programmes for companies
  • Design, lecture and manage mentorship programmes
  • Happiness at Work interventions for large and small companies
  • Design and run conferences for large companies
Contact Details
  • ​BSc Agric
  • Diploma Sales and Marketing Management

Fields of Interest
  • Integration
  • Neuroscience
  • Experiential learning, including working with animals
  • Leadership
Professional Memberships

  • ​​ICF ​

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