Quinton Pretorius

Quinton Pretorius
Quinton Pretorius

​Quinton has 22 years of experience in speaking, facilitating, and training within major corporations, universities, and youth organisations across South Africa and abroad. He lives and breathes diversity and relates exceptionally well to people from diverse backgrounds. His personal story is also a shining example of how one can overcome very difficult circumstances. Quinton is best known for his use of stories, humour, multimedia presentations, and authenticity in his talks. His facilitation style is highly interactive and probing through which he helps diverse audiences make the transition from a subjective worldview and interaction style to having a greater appreciation for the complexity of social interactions in multicultural environments. Quinton leaves a lasting impression on his audiences through connecting, inspiring, and challenging them to unlock the potential of diversity

Consulting Involvement
  • ​Unilever (south Africa, Nigeria, Kenya) management level to Exco, and African Leadership team - Diversity & Inclusion, and leadership.
  • Hollard Namibia - Diversity & Inclusion
  • Old Mutual - Diversity & Inclusion
  • EY - Diversity & Inclusion
  • RNB - Diversity & Inclusion
  • Nestel - Team dynamics, Leadership & Diversity & Inclusion
  • HEARTLINES: Diversity & Inclusion, Community engagements.
  • GIBS: Leadership
  • Columba Leadership: Leadership
Significant Achievements
His personal story is a shining example of how anyone can overcome extremely difficult circumstances and become a nation-builder. He is married to Tamsyn and considers being a father among his top accomplishments.

Contact Details

Email:​ q.pretorius@icloud.com

Fields of Interest
  • ​Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leadership with a partial interest in Adaptive leadership
  • Nation Building
  • Dialogue
  • Experiential learning
Professional Memberships
  • ​Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa
  • Cultural Intelligence Center facilitator

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