Monique Stock


Monique Stock
Monique Stock
Monique has consulted extensively within the fields of transformation and organisational behaviour and has worked across industries, nationally and internationally, to assist individuals and organisations to meet strategic and operational needs.

She is the founder and managing director of Change Dynamics, which opened its doors in 1995, and has consulted to leading corporates, government departments, parastatals and educational institutions. Prior to this, she worked within the corporate world for 16 years at operational and management levels within the manufacturing and retail sectors. 


​Professional associate - lecturing, facilitation, coaching, integration

Contact Details


  • ​BA (UCT) 

Fields of Interest

​Organisational behaviour 

Professional Memberships
  • Master Trainer and Facilitator certificated (Development Dimensions International, USA)
  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (INLPTA)
  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner (Society of NLP)
  • Certified Developmental Behavioural Modelling Master Practitioner
  • Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP)
  • Certificate in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
  • Symbolic Modelling Practitioner 
  • ​Language and Behaviour Profiling (LAB Profile) consultant and trainer 
  • Certified action learning coach (World Institute of Action learning)
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