Prof Louise Whittaker

Professor Louise Whittaker
Prof Louise Whittaker

I am an expert on strategy, governance and ethics, particularly in relation to organisations and information systems. Governance cannot be meaningful without ethics, and both are essential to successful strategies and projects.


I also have extensive experience and interest in qualitative and phenomenological research.

As such, I have supervised 3 completed PhDs and over 100 MBA research reports, many of them in these areas, as well as conducting my own published research, and strategic consultancy work. I am an associate editor for the Information Systems Journal, a major international journal.

I have managed a multi-disciplinary team of academics and administrators in the delivery of an academic programme comprising multiple postgraduate degrees and diplomas, delivered to hundreds of students. working directly with Deans and Directors at senior levels in an internationally-accredited academic institution. I have extensive experience with curriculum design and international accreditation processes for business schools.

In summary, my specialties are information systems strategy, governance, ethics and organisational effects; research supervision; qualitative research; phenomenology; applied ethics.


​Full-time faculty

Published Research

Journal articles

Heil, D., & Whittaker, L. (2011) What is reputation, really? Corporate Reputation Review, 14(4), 262-272.

Whittaker, L., Van Zyl, J., & Soicher, A. (2011). What is the point of the point-of-care?  A case study of user resistance to a clinical information system, Telemedicine and e-Health, 17(1), 55-61.

Schraader, D., & Whittaker, L. (2010). Debt financing the capital requirements of informal market traders. South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences, 13(3), 329-344.

Du Preez, J., Beswick, C., Whittaker, L., & Dickinson, D. (2010). The employment relationship in the domestic workspace in South Africa: Beyond the apartheid legacy. Social Dynamics, 36(2), 395-409.

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Whittaker, L., & Gordon-Brown, C. (2008). When a sure thing goes awry: The implementation of ERP at IST Ltd. Management Dynamics, 17(2), 27-39.

Introna, L., & Whittaker, L. (2006). Power, cash and convenience: Translations in the political site of the ATM. The Information Society, 22(5), 325-340.

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Whittaker, L. (2004). Theory-based information systems research: The role of phenomenological hermeneutics. South African Computer Journal, 33, 98-110.

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Remenyi, D., & Whittaker, L. (1995). Some aspects of the evaluation of business process re-engineering projects. De Ratione, 9(1), 46-67. 

Book chapters

Heil, D., & Whittaker, L. (2008). Companies are works: Strategy as deconstruction and reconstruction of a world. In L. D. Introna, F. Ilharco, & E. Fäy (Eds.), Phenomenology, organisation, and technology (pp 143-164). Lisbon: Universidade Católica Editora.

Heil, D., & Whittaker, L. (2007). An ontological foundation for strategic management research: The role of narrative. In D. J. Ketchen, Jr., & D. D. Bergh (Eds.), Research methodology in strategy and management (Vol. 4, pp. 369-397). Bingley: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Introna, L. D., & Whittaker, L. (2004). Truth, journals, and politics: The case of the MIS Quarterly. In B. Kaplan, D.P. Truex, D. Wastell, A. T. Wood-Harper, & J. DeGross (Eds.), Information systems research: Relevant theory and informed practice: Vol 143. IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology (103-120). Boston: Springer.

Remenyi, D., & Whittaker, L. (1996). The evaluation of business process re-engineering projects. In L. Wilcocks Ed.), Investing in information systems: Evaluation and management (pp. 103-167). London: Chapman and Hall.

Conference papers

Introna, L.D., & Whittaker, L. (2003). The phenomenology of information systems evaluation: Overcoming the subject/object dualism. In E.H Wynn., E.A Whitley., M.D. Myers, & J.I. DeGross (Eds.), Proceedings of the IFIP TC8/WG8.2 Working Conference on Global and Organizational Discourse About Information Technology (pp. 155-175). Springer, Boston, MA.

Remenyi, D., & Whittaker, L. (1994). Costs and benefits of business process reengineering. Proceedings of the First European Conference on IT Investment Evaluation, 90-106.

Contact Details
  • BCom (cum laude) (WIts)
  • MCom (Wits)
  • MA (cum laude) (Applied ethics) (Wits)
  • PhD (UP)
Fields of Interest
  • Critical interpretations of information systems and management issues
  • Qualitative research methodolgy
  • Phenomenology
  • Applied ethics

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