Jill Bogie

Jill Bogie
Dr Jill Bogie

​Jill holds a PhD in Business Management and her primary focus is on multi-stakeholder partnerships for sustainability. She also has an MPhil in Futures Studies, and applies long-term perspectives to explore the contribution of business towards the sustainability agenda. 

With 40 years’ of business experience, more than 25 of those at executive level, she has a range of experience from large corporates with international operations to small businesses and in sectors ranging from financial services, manufacturing, direct selling, FMCG and professional services. Jill has travelled around the world to present executive training programmes in a number of African countries as well as Russia, the Middle East, Iberia and the UK. 

By combining her business experience and research, Jill’s current focus is on developing new thinking and innovative approaches to building the sustainability agenda into core business strategy in order to address the complex global challenges of the 21st century.


​Jill's teaching portfolio includes a focus on sustainability and value creation; complex global challenges; the context of business; complexity and systemic thinking; multi-stakeholder collaboration and partnerships; and general management.


She is also an independent advisor and ethics and compliance specialist, with experience in implementing the provisions of the King Report on Corporate Governance, Social and Ethics Committees, and the UK Bribery Act.

Published Research

​Bogie, J. (2017). Multi-stakeholder partnerships for fisheries improvement: Learning by example, increasing technical capacity and creating new incentives. Annual Review of Social Partnerships, 12, 124-127.


Bogie, J. (2016). A communicative approach towards an understanding of multi-stakeholder cross-sector collaboration as an issue field. PhD dissertation. University of Stellenbosch. Available at: http://scholar.sun.ac.za/handle/10019.1/100169


Bogie, J. (2016). Developing a new generation of entrepreneurs: How iInternational trade partnerships between South Africa and the UK are supporting economic development. Annual Review of Social Partnerships, 11, 112-115.


Conference papers

Bogie, J., & Hind, P. (2017). A tale of two fish: Creating value in the supply chain for sustainable seafood through multi-stakeholder collaboration. Paper presented at the British Academy of Management Conference, Warwick Business School.


Bogie, J., & Hind, P. (2017). Value creation in the context of multi-stakeholder cross-sector collaboration as an issue field. Paper presented at the Academy of Management 2017 Conference, Atlanta.


Bogie, J., & Hind, P. (2017). Multi-stakeholder cross-sector collaboration as hypertext: A communicative framework of value creation. Paper presented at the European Group for Organizational Studies 2017 Conference, Copenhagen.


Bogie, J. (2017). Multi-stakeholder cross-sector collaboration for the sustainable development goals.  Short paper presented at 4th International Conference on Responsible Leadership, Sandton.


Bogie, J. (2014). Integrating sustainability through partnerships: Towards an understanding of the processes and positive outcomes of multi-dimensional cross-sector collaborative interactions. Short paper presented at 3rd International Conference on Responsible Leadership, Pretoria.

Consulting Involvement
  • ​Group ethics and compliance specialist for a South African listed company with global operations

  • Executive management of insurance and banking operations

  • A partner of Deloitte specialising in professional training and development and IT audit
Contact Details


  • ​PhD (Business Management)
  • MPhil (Futures Studies)
Professional Memberships
  • ​CA(SA)
  • ARSP

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