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Doctor Francois Laurens
Dr Francois Laurens

Francois is an adjunct faculty at the Gordon Institute of Business Science. His focus areas include Behavioural Economics; Strategic Thinking (Leadership) and Planning; the Global Business Environment (Macroeconomics); Investment Banking; Finance and Capital Markets; Strategic Investment Management; Stakeholder Theory of Business and Purpose Capitalism. 

Francois has wide experience and skills in financial services, corporate governance, investment banking and investment management, having served in senior and executive management positions in the financial services sector in the UK and SA. He has worked in markets in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Prior to this, Francois practised as a corporate attorney. Francois is a graduate in accounting, economics, law, and finance.

Published Research

​Journal articles

Laurens, F. (2012). Basel III and prudent risk management in banking: Continuing the cycle of fixing past crises. Risk Governance & Control: Financial Markets and Institutions, 2(3), 17-22. doi: 10.22495/rgcv2i3art1


Laurens, F. (2018). Decision making in the investment industry through a behavioural economics lens. SAVCA Journal. Retrieved from

Laurens, F. (2015). The shaping of bank incentive structures by strategic factors relating to the drivers of long-term value creation and sustainability: A stakeholder perspective. Doctoral Dissertation. SMC University. Electronic copy of abbreviated version available at or

Laurens, F. (2013). Regulation of derivatives markets: A review of the link between regulation and market liquidity. Retrieved from    

Laurens, F. (2012). Separation of investment and commercial bank services is unlikely to reduce systemic risk. Retrieved from

Laurens, F. (2012). UK banking regulatory and market framework: Post-crisis reform. Retrieved 

Laurens, F. (2012). Reputational risk: A crisis of confidence in banking. Retrieved from 

Laurens, F. (2012). Avoiding financial distress in project finance: A case for implementation of improved capital structure frameworks. Retrieved from

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  • ​Doctorate of Finance  (SMC University, Switzerland)
  • LLM (Masters in Taxation (UJ)
  • H.Dip.Co.L. (Wits)
  • LLB  (UJ)
  • B.Com (UJ)
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