Dr Dave Beaty

David Beaty
Dr David Beaty

David Beaty has taught over 15 years on MBA and Executive Education Programmes in South Africa and the United States. He is an accomplished speaker and trainer and has consulted for over 20 years with public and private sector firms in South Africa, Europe and the United States. Among honours he received is an appointment as Faculty Fellow at the prestigious Office of the Secretary for Defence (Pentagon) over a five year period.  

David Beaty is a prolific writer and has published widely on topics in Leadership, Productivity and Change Management. His articles have appeared in such prestigious journals as the Harvard Business Review, California Management Review, Journal of Organisational Behaviour, Journal of Managerial Issues, International Management Journal, Journal of Management Education and the Organisational Behaviour Teaching Review. His most recent book is Lessons from South Africa: A New Perspective on Public Policy and Productivity (New York: HarperCollins). He is currently on the Editorial Review Board of the South African Journal of Labour Relations.


​Adjunct faculty 

Published Research

Books and chapters

“Beaty, David & Booysen, Lize. 2003. Managing Organisational Transformation and Change Management: Chapter 22:727-758. In South African Human Resources Management: Theory and practices. 3rd ed revised. Ed Swanepoel, B; Erasmus, B; van Wyk, M & Schenck (Ed). Juta: Johannesburg.  ISBN 0-7021-5645-3

Beaty, David & Booysen, Lize. 1998. Managing Organisational Transformation and Change Management: Chapter 22:725-748. In South African Human Resources Management: Theory and practices. Swanepoel, B; Erasmus, B; van Wyk, M & Schenck (Ed). Juta: Johannesburg.

“Alcanzar Ventajas Competitivas Mediante la Inciativa Empresanal”, in inciativa Empreseha (eds. H. Samper and R. Rodriques), Caracus: Ediciones, IEASA, C.A. (1991).
“Lessons from South Africa: A New Perspective on Public Policy and Productivity.” New York: HarperCollins, 1989. (with O. Harari).
“Individual Career Planning and Development in Organisations,” in J. Barling (Ed.). Behaviour in Organisations: South Africa Perspectives.   Johannesburg: McGraw-Hill, 1982.
“Positive Exam Results – Without Stress,”Johannesburg: McGraw-Hill, 1982 (with J. Barling).

Journal articles
  “Examining the Entry of Walmart Into South Africa:  A Stakeholder Management     Perspective” (accepted for publication in the South African Journal of Labour Relations, December, 2014) with T. Bonakele, D. Kriek and F. Rasool.
“Servant Leadership, Trust, and Implications for the Base-of-the-Pyramid Segment in South Africa” (2011) South African Journal of Business Management,. Vol. 42. No. 4, 23-32 (with A. Chatbury and D. Kriek)
“Theory Building Trends In International Management Research:  An Archival Review of Preferred Methods” (2009) South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences, Vol. 12. No. 1., 126-135 (with S. Nkomo and D. Kriek)
“Diversity and Gender Perceptions of Organisational Politics in South Africa”, (2007) South African Journal of Labour Relations, Vol. 4. No. 2. 12-23 (with M. Adonisi and T. Taylor)
“Extreme Participative Management in South Africa:  Can it work today?” (2007) Management Today 
“Management Theory Building Trends in South Africa:  An Archival Analysis” (2006). Management Dynamics, Vol. 15, 2, 48-63 (with S. Nkomo and D. Kriek)
“How To Understand the Real Attitudes and Opinions of People In Diverse Cultures”, (2005) GIBS Review. August, p. 5
“Fact or Fiction in South African Business Research” (2005)  People Dynamics, March, pp. 18-19
“Linking Transformation and Change Leadership in South Africa: A Review of Principles and Practices” (1997), SBL Research Review, Vol. 1 Number 1, 9 -18.
“South Africa: Researching Contrasts and Contradictions in Context of Change,” (1994).   International Studies of Management and Organisation, 24,2 190-208. (with A Templer and K Hofmeyer).
“Where Have All the Theorists Gone: An Archival Review of the International Management Literature.” (1993), International Journal of Management, 10, 2, 1993,146-153 (with M. Mendenhall).
“The Challenge of Management Development in South Africa: So Little Time and So Much To Do,” (1993), Journal of Management Development, Vol. 11, 2, (with A. Templer and K. Hofmeyr).
“Preparing to Teach in Developing Nations:  Toward a Checklist,” (1993), Journal of Management Education, vol. 15, 2, 244-255 (with D. Hunt)
“Gender Differences in the Perceptions of Organisational Influence Tactics,” Journal of Organisational Behaviour, (1991), vol. 12, 249-258, (with A Drory).
“On the Folly of Relying Solely on a Questionnaire Methodology in Cross-cultural Research,” (1990), Journal of Managerial Issues, vol. 2 no. 3, 267-281, (with O. Harari).
“Re-examining the Link between Perceived Job Characteristics and Satisfaction,” (1990), Journal of Social Psychology, 130, 1, 131-132.
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“South Africa: White Managers, Black Voices,” Harvard Business Review, (1987), vol. 65, 7, 98-105 (with O. Harari).
“Conducting Applied ‘Third World’ Research in Organisations: Some Problems and Solutions,” (1987), South African Journal of Business Management, 18, 2, 28-32 (with O. Harari).
“Africanising the South African MBA: A Way of Avoiding Self-delusion.” (1986), South African Journal of Business Management, 17, 1, 17-23 (with O. Harari).
“Helping Business Graduates Conduct Third World Research,” (1985),” (1985), Business Graduate.  15, 19-22. (Journal of the Business Graduates Association).
“Productivity Improvement in South Africa Through Matching Individual and Organisational Needs.” (1983), IMP Manpower Journal, 22, 19-23 (Selected as outstanding article by editors and received a “merit award.”)

Case studies

“Transformation at Coca-Cola SABCO”. (2005) GIBS Case Study Centre, 1-18 (with A. Ristow)
“The Case of Colgate Palmolive in New South Africa”.  In M. Mendenhall and G Oddou (Eds) Cases in Internatioal Organisational Behaviour, Boston, Mass: Kent Publishing Co., 1995
“Warner Lambert in South Africa.” In E. Gray and L. Smeltzer (Eds.), Management: The Competitive Edge.  New York: McMillan Publishing Co., 1988.
“A Multinational Fights Apartheid.”  In R. Hay, E. Gray and P. Smith (Eds.)  Business and Society: Text and Cases.  Atlanta: South Western Publishing, 1989.
“The New Broom Sweeps Everything Clean.”  In D. Mathison, Management Cases Readings: The Competitive Edge.  New York: McMillan Publishing Co., 1989.
“Warner Lambert in South Africa.”  A Case of One Multinational Doing Battle with Apartheid.  In D. Mathison (Ed.) Management Cases and Readings. New York: McMillan Publishing Co.1988.

Conference proceedings

“Transformation in Coca Cola SABCO”. Paper presented at the Marcus Evans Conference on Innovation in Africa, Johannesburg, 2006. April 24-26 (with A. Ristow)
“New lessons on management transformation from South Africa”, Paper presented at the Eastern Academy of Management Conference on Managing in a Global Economy VIII, Prague, 1999, June 20-24.
“Re-examining Western Management Principles and Practices in the Context of Emerging Markets”, Resource Speaker at Angeles University, Angeles City, Luzon, Phillipines, 1998, November 17
“A study on the training and education needs of middle managers in firms undergoing Business Process Re-engineering.”  Paper presented at the International Organisation Behaviour Teaching Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, 1997, December.
The need for multiple measures to collect data and build relationships in third-world countries:  lessons from South Africa.” Proceedings of the International Conference on Caribbean and Latin American Crisis:  A challenge for the International Professional, Mexico City, Mexico, 1991 November 14-17.
“Theory-Building in International Management: An Archival Review and Recommendations for Future Research,”Annual Academy of Management Meeting, San Francisco, August 12-15, 1990 (with M. Mendenhall).
“Entrepreneurship and Achieving Competitive Advantage in Latin America and the Caribbean: An Extrapolation of Research Findings,” Proceedings of the 1989 First Latin American Conference on Research in Entrepreneurship, Caracas, Venezuela, November 1-4.
“The Need for Multiple Measures to Collect Data and Build Relations in Third World Countries: Lessons from South Africa.”1989 Eastern Academy of Management Proceedings, Hong Kong, June 12-15.
“Management Predictions of Worker Motives: A Preliminary Cross-cultural Study and Some Methodological Implications,” 1988 HRMOB Conference Proceedings, October, 1988.
“On the Folly of Relying Solely on a Questionnaire Methodology in Cross-cultural Research,” Annual Academy of Management Meeting, Anaheim, August 7-10, 1988. (with O. Harari).
“Teaching Business Students How to Capture Employee and Consumer Trends in Developing Nations,” The Organisation Behaviour Teaching Conference, Los Angeles, June 14-17, 1988.  (with D.Hunt, R Spich, and M. Mendenhall).
“South Africa: White Managers, Black Voices,” International Conference on South Africa in Transition.  New York, September 29-October 2, 1987.  (Attendance by invitation only.)
“Research Findings and Observations in South Africa: Another Look at Apartheid and Divestment”, Annual Academy of Management Meeting, Chicago, August 15-18, 1986 (with O. Harari).
“American Practices of Motivation and their Relevance to a Third World Workforce.” Institute of Personnel Management International Convention, Johannesburg, September 30 – October 2, 1986.
“Cross-Cultural Comparisons of Job Satisfaction:   Some Empirical Findings.”  Conference in Management and Economic Sciences, Pretoria, August 5-7, 1986. 
“Africanising the South African MBA:  A way of avoiding Self-delusion.”   Conference in Management and Economic Sciences, Cape Town, October 29-31, 1985 (with O. Harari).
“Effective Management.” Woolworth Production Management Conference, Cape Town, March 5-7, 1985.
“Third World Groups: A Multimodel Approach to Cross-cultural Counselling.”   South African National Psychology Congress, Cape Town, September 1981.

Consulting Involvement
Currently consults for private and public sector firms in South Africa on Leading Self (Person-Situation fit), Leading Others (Team Development, Influencing and Relationship Building), Leading for Superior Performance (Productivity Improvements)
Currently designed (with Professor Hofmeyr) a 360-degree online Leadership Instrument (Leadership in Action) and a 360-degree online Coaching Instrument (Manager as Coach)
Conducts High Level Executive Coaching for CEO’s and senior executives in SA and Globally
Lead consultant and trainer for the “Challenge of World Class Leadership” Management Development Programmes held in Geneva (Switzerland) for Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical Firm (2001-2010)
Consultant for institutionalizing the “Living the Values” culture for senior executives and mid-level managers in DaimlerChrysler – South Africa (2010)
Consultant for “Transformation and Change Management Interventions” in Unilever  - South Africa (2009)
Lectured and Trained on over 100 In-Company and Public Executive Education Programmes and Seminars for the Gordon Institute of Business Science (2000 – present).
Taught on Corporate In-house and Public Management Development Programmes at the Graduate School of Business Leadership, University of South Africa, (1995-2000).
Designed and awarded a competitive contract ($1 million over 4 years) and Project Manager and Principle Instructor for Department of Army’s Civilian Personnel Administration Program Managers Course, Hampton University, 1990-1993.
Consultant with the Personnel and Security Directorate in the Office of the Secretary of Defence (OSO) (Pentagon, Washington, D.C.) on: Planning and Recruitment Strategies for the OSD to the Year 2000: Formulating

Significant Achievements
Selected as a Faculty Fellow to work in the Summer Faculty Programme in the Personnel and Security Directorate in the Office of the Secretary of Defence (OSO) (Pentagon, Washington D.C.
Received the Outstanding Teacher Excellence Award (2006) from the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science.
Published in the prestigious Harvard Business Review.
Contact Details


  • ​BA (Bryan College)
  • MA (Middle Tennessee State University)
  • PhD (University of Port Elizabeth)
Fields of Interest

  • Leadership
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Change and Transformation
  • Storytelling​

Professional Memberships

  • ​​Academy of Management
  • Registered Psychologist with the Health Professions of South Africa


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