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​​​Do you own you career?

The world of work is changing at an extraordinary pace and all of us face the challenge of keeping up with industry demands, legislative developments and the up-skilling of knowledge and competencies to remain current and relevant in our field.

In addition, the global economic downturn has had startling repercussions, not least of which is that jobs are not as secure as they perhaps once were. In light of this, individuals should take far stronger ownership of their own careers and greater responsibility for their own career development.

What are the attributes and qualities you need to take the next step in your career? Who are the individuals who have made a success of crafting their careers in your specific industry, and what can you learn from the decisions they made?

Career Insights is an initiative launched by the Gordon Institute of Business Science in 2008 to engage with these questions and assist individuals who want to manage their careers proactively.

These are evening forum-style events that showcase career planning and development for business people and executives in relation to their specific field of expertise. The events are chaired by leading practitioners, placement specialists and professional industry representatives, who debate the career challenges and opportunities in functional or sector-specific career areas (such as HR, Finance, Marketing, Technology, Construction, Legal, Entrepreneurial and others).


Upcoming Career Insight Events in 2015:

Event Date
Career Transitions Career Insights30 September 2015

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