Professional Business Coaching Programme

​​​The GIBS Professional Business Coaching Programme International Coach Federation (ICF) approved ASCTH Course (Approved Coach-Specific Training Hours)

This programme will enable you to build knowledge and skills in professional coaching to support organisations in creating sustainable performance at individual and organisational levels. The GIBS Professional Business Coaching Course is approved by the internationally recognised, International Coach Federation (ICF), as an ACSTH course (Approved Coach Specific Training) for 52 hours. Participants can confidently use the training hours toward ICF credential applications.

Businesses need to achieve results and create sustainable growth through strong leadership and a pool of talented people. Coaching is a powerful intervention to enhance performance, embed sustainable change and develop strong and resilient leadership in organisations. Corporate institutions are also the largest and most dominant buyers of coaching as a service. The GIBS Coaching Academy is part of Personal and Applied Learning at GIBS, which generates world class theory and practice for optimal individual effectiveness, learning and development. GIBS uses the best coaching processes and practices as well as the most qualified and experienced coaches in their Academy. Complementing this expertise with the rigour of the ICF as well as a strong foundation in business context makes this programme unique, relevant and best in class.

Hoe you will benefit

This programme will offer you the opportunity to gain an understanding of and build skills in:

  • Core ICF coaching competencies
  • Coaching competencies within an organizational context
  • Alignment of organisational cultures and leadership frameworks with coaching
  • Ethics of coaching within an organisational context
  • The distinction between coaching, consulting, therapy, counselling and mentoring
  • Theories & models underpinning coaching
  • Coaching approaches used in the SA business context (including Narrative, Integral, Neuroleadership, Emotional & Social Intelligence, and Gestalt) which will enable HR and business professionals to distinguish between different coaching approaches, and also enable your choice of continued training in alignment with personal orientation
  • Self-awareness of personal views & thus orientation toward different coaching approaches; use of self in coaching

By the end of this programme you will be able to:

  • Locate coaching as a key tool for supporting individual development and leadership skills, and thus supporting sustainable change in organisations
  • Have foundational knowledge and understanding in, and competently use, generic coaching skills, within an ICF competency framework
  • Build on the understanding of “use of self” as a core concept in coaching
  • Use frameworks for coaching within an organisational context
  • Understand and implement psychological, organizational culture & adult learning theories, within a systemic framework, that are useful in coaching
  • Understand the concepts and models used in different coaching approaches: Narrative, Integral coaching, Neuroleadership (Results), Gestalt and Emotional & Social Intelligence coaching frameworks
  • Understand the business context of coaching through exposure to business acumen for coaches
  • Effectively select and manage coaching panels within organisations
  • Develop a personal road map for the next steps in your professional coaching, including guidance on completing your ICF credentialing process (if appropriate)

Who should attend?

This programme is aimed at coaches who would like to become professionally qualified, gain more ICF-approved training and enhance their coaching skills. It is also designed for managers and leaders in business who would like to add coaching as a skill to their repertoire or enhance their skills through a rigorous training programme. Learning and development and HR professionals who are interested in the understanding of different theoretical underpinnings and core foundational skills of coaching, as well as, internal coaches or those who coach informally in their organisations, will also benefit from attending this programme. Delegates will be asked to provide their details on application

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