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Personal and Applied Leadership

Welcome to a human experience within the business world.


The GIBS Personal & Applied Learning (PAL) centre is one of five centres of excellence at Africa’s leading business school. It is dedicated  to optimising individual personal learning and development through coaching, mentoring and facilitation services.

Coaching, mentoring and facilitation are personalised processes that elicit our unique human competence – our creativity, motivation, resilience, adaptability, passion, interpersonal connection and leadership capability. These ‘softer’ skills are essential in creating, optimising and sustaining human performance for personal development and growth. This centre of excellence designs, delivers and distributes best practice and thought leadership in coaching, mentoring and facilitation to offerings within the school and directly to organisations. It focuses on the business of being human; our potential to think and to create as key differentiators in business today.

Individual and group coaching services create thinking relationships, in which a qualified coach partners with a client in a thought-provoking and creative process to maximise organisational and personal development with results.

Facilitation services support the harvesting of collective insights and wisdom for better collaboration and innovative thinking amongst groups. These tools also support the integration and embedding of learning, whether in formal classroom settings or on the job.

PAL also offers public and in-house coaching and facilitation courses. Our personalised approach to business means that we can customise any offer to fully meet your learning and development requirements. With over 100 world-class faculty and learning experts, we are confident in our ability to support clients in dramatically improving their personal and professional results, while enhancing their leadership skills and future potential through continuous personal development. 

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