Personal and Applied Learning

​​​​​​​​GIBS’ Personal and Applied Learning looks after several initiatives that promote individual development and effectiveness. 

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GIBS programmes are known for academic rigour and customisation to business context. GIBS believes that to be truly world class, individual development, learning and effectiveness should also be a significant component of every learning experience in management education. Individuals learn best when the experience is personalised and meaningful and can be usefully applied in one’s roles and career for impactful results.


Selecting the best faculty

The ‘Personal & Applied Learning’ (PAL) faculty are personal development coaches, action learning coaches, learning integration experts and facilitators. Their expertise lies in a deep understanding of the processes for human growth, learning and change. GIBS has over 100 of the best ‘learning process’ faculty to meet the demands for personalised learning experiences at GIBS and direct to clients. The Professional Associates are GIBS top professional process faculty who support learning advisory direct to clients to ensure that any learning encounter is made meaningful in the workplace.

Conducting research 

Personal & Applied Learning has differentiated GIBS as an expert in personalising learning experiences. Current research and global standards of excellence are benchmarked in personalised learning approaches on our programmes. PAL also contributes to the body of knowledge in personal learning, through academic research, journal publications, media and conference representation and relevant (local and international) professional memberships.

The best personalised learning processes

Personal & Applied Learning designs and embeds approaches to optimise individual learning on programmes and direct to clients: ​ includes:

  • Individual (Business and Executive) Coaching 
  • Group coaching for personal development
  • Team coaching for Action Learning Projects (ALP’s) 

Other learning processes include:

  • Learning Integration (throughout a programme), with an experienced Learning Integrator  ​
  • Facilitation for optimised team collaboration and performance

Personal & Applied Learning also delivers several unique and established programmes including:

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