Personal and Applied Learning

Optimising individual learning

As Africa’s pre-eminent business school, GIBS looks to drive impact at both a personal and organisational level for enhanced impact across the continent. The Personal and Applied Learning (PAL) department is a unit dedicated to learning process capabilities to optimise individual learning, sense-making and application. It is a key differentiator for GIBS. 

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Coaching@GIBS and Facilitation@GIBS capabilities are available as standalone interventions and as part of fully customised or public programmes. Each element is uniquely designed to fully support an individual's learning at each stage of the learning and development journey.

We have summarised these key capabilities as CAPACITATE, which means enable, become ready, prepare, empower, equip. We want to equip current and future leaders with relevant knowledge so that they are empowered to translate their way of knowing to a way of doing and eventually, a way of being.

Our esteemed faculty are learning experts (Professional Associates), committed to delivering on PAL’s five distinct learning capabilities: coaching, integration, action learning processes, facilitation and self-discovery tools. We have dedicated Special Interest Groups that invest in the development and best-practice of these capabilities to ensure that GIBS remains at the forefront of learning innovation.

Personal and Applied Learning publishes White Papers based on learning best practice and thought-leadership.


What is Coaching@GIBS?

As technology continues to disrupt daily pursuits, being more human and connecting as fellow humans, is becoming increasingly important. To intensify deeper connections with others is to facilitate true thinking partnerships. Stimulating thinking and creativity is a key differentiator for business, for sustainable results and greater impact.

Coaching@GIBS offers bespoke coach services to best suit your personal and professional needs. Services include:

  • Fully-managed executive coaching
  • Group coaching processes
  • Team coaching processes
  • Learning embed processes
  • Training programmes such as:

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