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Leadership And Dialogue

​​​​​The Centre for Leadership and Dialogue aims to create a new generation of leaders, armed with the capacity and insights to lead their businesses, public institutions and social enterprises — all of which are essential to achieving success in an increasingly complex world. 

We work with a broad range of  current and emerging leaders through programmatic learning interventions or strategic dialogues with business government and societal stakeholders to catalyse  public and private partnering  strategies to address the intractible South African and global challenges. This body of work requires participants to use the exploration of the South African socio-political landscape to better understand and strategically develop their internal leadership motivation and practice. The streams of work of the Centre, through its very particular content and methodology, shifts mind-sets from  individualism  to  power of ecosystems.The scope and substance of the Centre’s work is enabled through generous corporate and donor funding and programme tuition fees​. 

Nexus ​Leadership Programme​

Nexus is a personal leadership programme that helps young leaders in business, civil society and government navigate the changing landscape of our country. Through experiential learning and dialogue, participants are challenged to find ways around the obstacles that are holding themselves, others and the country back. We call this the ability to Lead Beyond Boundaries.​

Leading Women Programme​​​

The programme consists of five components that collectively facilitate the development of various managerial competencies. Skills and challenges introduced in one component of the programme can be interrogated and tested in others. In this way, delegates are constantly learning and practicing new skills and also challenging their peers to find creative means for solving problems. The five components of the programme are listed below. Conversations with Extraordinary South African Businesswomen.Delegates will meet for intimate conversations with extraordinary South African businesswomen.​​

​The Spirit of Youth programme is a forum in which 11th and 12th Grade learners critically engage on relevant issues that they may better define and actuate the South Africa in which they would like to live. Learners are selected on the criteria that each has distinguished her- or himself as a leader in their school community. The expectation is that these young people are likely to have a disproportionally high impact on their immediate peers and society at large. The programme brings together learners from a myriad of social, economic, geographical and educational backgrounds from across Gauteng. Our aim is that this year-long discourse will develop new understanding of the South African context and its possibilities.​​​​​


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