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​​​The Nexus Learning Approach

The Nexus programme utilises an approach to learning which incorporates the following elements:

Learning Journeys:

Day-long field trips to visit communities, government initiatives, businesses and historical sites that provide direct engagement with the specific themes and issues being explored in the programme.

Guest Speakers:

On Nexus, you will learn personally and directly from leaders in business, state and social sectors who have practical experience of the issues under discussion.


You will receive training and support in the practice of dialogue which seeks to generatenew ideas and understanding. You will meet monthly to engage in dialogue with a small and consistent group of your peers. This group is called your Working Group.

Weekend Leadership Retreat:

The weekend away retreat is designed to deepen your understanding of the practice of dialogue and to engage in activities that support the development of greater self-awareness and agency.

Community Learning Project:

Working with a group of fellow participants who have similar interests, the Community Learning Project provides you with an opportunity to apply what you have learned in Nexus in a real world context.


The assignments are designed to deepen your engagement with the content of the Nexus programme. In many of them, you are asked to practically apply your learning in some way and then to reflect on that experience and what you have learned from it.

Leadership Viewpoint

In Nexus, we believe there are four key things which will enable you to Lead Beyond Boundaries.

1. Positive Vision

To effect change, it is essential to have a positive vision of what you want to create in the world. This vision motivates you to move into, and through, the complex challenge before you.

2. Authenticity

One of the core qualities of leaders is authenticity. They know – and are willing to say – what they think. They are also willing to accept the limits of their knowledge and are open to the wisdom of others.

3. Dialogue

Dialogue enables you to generate the new understanding and insight into complex issues which is necessary in order to make progress towards resolving them.

4. A Sense of Agency

When people believe that ‘nothing can really change’, nothing will change. In our experience, even if people have a vision, a level of personal awareness and an understanding of the complexity of the situation before them, unless they believe in their ability to effect change, they will be unable to do so.

We encourage you to explore these elements in relation to your own leadership during the course of the programme.

Application Information

Application to the programme is via company nomination or application. Limited numbers of delegates are accepted onto the programme. The fee for 2015 is R28,900 all inclusive. Limited, partial scholarships are available for applicants from NGOs and CBOs.

Applicants who meet the criteria are invited to a small group interview. Selection to the programme is subject to the admissions committee and is offered on a rolling basis.

Next closing date for rolling applications: Wednesday 25 February 2015

To apply to the 2015 Nexus Programme, please click here.

For enquiries please contact:

Jadey Bosman
Senior Programme Co-ordinator
Tel: (011) 771-4230
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