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Dynamic Markets

​​​Ingrained in the GIBS vision, is a focus on being a world authority on dynamic markets, through teaching, research and knowledge dissemination with respect to the companies, political economy, institutions and other factors that make up dynamic markets. 


To this end, GIBS established the Centre for Dynamic Markets (CDM) to serve the business and state sectors in South Africa, as well as multinational businesses wherever they are based. The CDM team is dedicated to generating and sharing information about doing business in dynamic markets to help better inform and prepare companies and leaders to improve their general management practices in these markets.​

What is the CDM and what does it do?

The CDM comprises a small team based at GIBS in Johannesburg dedicated to generating and disseminating insights into and information not only about doing business in dynamic markets, but also about the implications arising out of the success of the dynamic market economies, for doing business elsewhere. This team is augmented by drawing on individual experts and partnering with selected organisations across the globe. 

The Centre's principal activity comprises a series of high-level, but informal monthly discussions. The overall nature of the meetings is strategic, but practical. A recognised expert leads the sessions, followed by open discussion and informal networking. Attendees are encouraged to participate in the discussion with invited experts on each particular topic.

Companies and organisations which partner with the CDM benefit from collaborating with the Centre on events to showcase the work they are doing in dynamic markets; and have access to events run by the CDM in Johannesburg and other cities across Africa; as well as research, reports and case studies. The broader research undertaken by the CDM (case studies, reports, articles, etc.) helps steer and inform CDM meetings and dialogues.

Two factors have informed our thinking behind the Centre:

  • There are invaluable lessons to be learned from comparing and contrasting the different socio-political and economic circumstances and policies that have contributed to the success of the emerging economies and their companies;

  • Despite many obstacles, integration of the world economy continues, and taking decisions in any one country or region demands an understanding of the evolving global geopolitical and economic scene. In essence, the aim is to help inform and prepare companies and leaders to improve their general management practices in dynamic markets.

In January 2014, the CDM launched its inaugural GIBS Dynamic Market Index (DMI). The GIBS DMI attempts to identify empirically the conditions and institutions that enable the catalysts for economic growth, wealth creation, innovation and overall socio-economic development during a time of significant change in the global economy. As a bi-annual Index the second iteration was launched in 2016.

The in-depth global study is a comparative global measure of institutional evolution and progressive structural change, which reflects and informs the competitive performance of nations across six enabling pillars of market dynamism. These are:

  1. Open and Connected;

  2. Red Tape;

  3. Socio-political Stability;

  4. Justice System;

  5. Macroeconomic Management; and

  6. Human Capital.

The GIBS DMI 2016 measures these pillars across 144 countries over a seven-year period between 2007 and 2014, and provides insight into the key attributes of an evolving political economy and the true economic potential of these countries.

The CDM also:

  • Collaborates with partner companies on events, case studies, reports and research;
  • Conducts regional briefings;
  • Runs learning immersions into various African countries;

  • Circulates a monthly Africa Bulletin of news and summaries from the dynamic market world; and

  • Writes and presents company-specific or other case studies.

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