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​​About Us​​​​

​​​​​​​The Centre for Leadership and Dialogue

The GIBS Centre for Leadership and Dialogue aims to equip leaders with the essential tools for achieving success in an increasingly complex world, and with the capacity and insights to lead their businesses, public institutions and social enterprises into the future. The work of the GIBS Centre for Leadership and Dialogue falls into two categories: dialogue work and leadership programmes. The centre's dialogue work helps leaders reflect on the evolution of South Africa's young democracy and share these lessons to address intractable problems and diffuse volatile situations. The centre's leadership programmes support leaders in adopting an all-encompassing view of the South African context and help them to develop an awareness of their contributing role to the issues.

The Centre for Dynamic Markets

Ingrained in the GIBS vision, is a focus on being a world authority on dynamic markets, through teaching, research and knowledge dissemination with respect to the companies, political economy, institutions and other factors that make up dynamic markets. To this end, GIBS established the Centre for Dynamic Markets (CDM) as a subscription-based project that serves the business and state sectors in South Africa, as well as multinational businesses wherever they are based. The CDM team is dedicated to generating and sharing information about doing business in dynamic markets to help better inform and prepare companies and leaders and to improve their general management practices in these markets.

The Enterprise Development Academy

The Academy is a centre of excellence specialising in tailor-made, practical business education and support services delivered by leading faculty and industry specialists to entrepreneurs, nationally. The Academy's primary focus is making business education accessible to start-up, micro and small business entrepreneurs, especially those who have been underserved or marginalised. In doing so, our purpose is to help small business owners to develop sustainable, efficient enterprises that are able to employ more people.​

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