Why Study At GIBS

​​​​​​Connected to business

GIBS is both philosophically, as well as literally, “close to business”. 

The GIBS campus is located in Sandton, the heart of South Africa’s business and economic hub. GIBS maintains close relationships with the majority of South Africa’s top corporates through its work in customised executive education, academic and other business education programmes. It is our mission to significantly improve responsible individual and organisational performance, and GIBS’ curricula are designed in close consultation with business. As a result, students benefit from these close and interactive relationships that GIBS has fostered, as well as from the highly qualified local and international faculty that work closely with these businesses.​​​​

The GIBS experience

​​​​With a purpose-built campus, you are afforded the opportunity to engage in an exceptional learning experience. Through a potent mix of classroom lectures, case studies, business simulations, company visits and syndicate group projects (working/ learning groups within a class context), as well as exposure to the best practices of South African and global leadership, the GIBS MBA gives you a competitive edge in the short-term application of relevant knowledge, which has long-term strategic value for your career. At GIBS, we believe that who is in the room with you is as important as what is being taught. The GIBS MBA candidates are carefully screened to ascertain what they can bring to the classroom in terms of experience and insight. Networks built during your two years on campus will prove to be invaluable on both a personal and professional level.

​​​​At GIBS we are firmly committed to a face-to-face tuition model for all of our MBA programmes. It is this interaction between faculty, business leaders and students that makes the GIBS MBA so impactful. With support from IT, information services, personal and applied learning and facilities management, programme managers and coordinators play in integral role in ensuring that students receive support on and off campus.

​​​​All students are required to attend the two-day LEAD workshop and week-long Genesis module, followed by core subjects, electives, an integrative business research report and, in the case of the part-time and modular MBA cohorts, the compulsory global module. In the case of the full-time MBA cohort, students are required to participate in one of three global experiences, which includes the global module (with the modular and part-time MBA cohorts), the international electives exchange programmes, or the ‘Dynamic Markets in SADC’ elective.

​​​​GIBS offers the widest selections of MBA elective courses in South Africa, enabling you to tailor your MBA to suit your areas of interest.

Global reach​​​​

​​​​Given GIBS’ geographical location within the dynamic African environment, we believe that we need to ensure that leaders in our business community, whether those in a corporate environment or entrepreneurially spirited, have the opportunity to develop their skills and business acumen to meet the enormous opportunities that a rapidly changing world presents. This is reflected in our global reach – GIBS presents various business education programmes in 24 countries across the globe.

​​​​A good business school recognises shifting dynamics within industries and markets – accommodating them in its curriculum. With a focus on enhancing competitiveness in dynamic markets, the GIBS compulsory global module is a distinctive element of the GIBS MBA programme. GIBS offer the widest choice of global electives to pursue. Potential destinations include: Istanbul and Russia, the East and West Coasts of the United States, Brazil, Chile, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, India and Nigeria.​


  • In October 2014 the GIBS MBA was ranked among the top 100 business schools globally in the prestigious Financial Times Executive MBA Rankings. GIBS is the only business school in Africa to appear in this ranking.​

  • Ranked 42 in the London Financial Times Executive Education Rankings 2014, GIBS remains the only African Business School to rank in the Top 50.

  • Ranked in the South Africa Financial Mail MBA survey as the best business school for: curriculum quality, quality of lecturers, supervisory support, faculty responsiveness to student concerns, faculty accessibility, ‘enjoyment’ and quality of facilities.


  • The Association of MBAs (AMBA);

  • The South African Council on Higher Education (CHE); and

  • The South African Qualification Authority.


  • The Academy of Business in Society (EABIS);

  • European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD); and

  • Association of African Business Schools(AABS) and South African Business Schools Association (SABSA).

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