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​​About Us​​​​​
Our Programmes Overview

​​​​​​We have a wide range of programmes that are intensive, interpersonal and designed to push the boundaries of management education. 

The academic offering comprises: the Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA); the Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) in General Management (GM); the Master of Business Administration (MBA); the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PDBA); and the Programme for Management Development (PMD).

Our executive education programmes are well-known in the market for providing delegates with the knowledge, skills and tools to impact on three levels: individual, team and organisation. Our Custom Programmes unit collaborates with partner organisations to ensure co-design, executive engagement and professional delivery and our Open Programmes allow executives to interact with local and international faculty, while collaborating with peers from different companies and industries.​

Academic Programmes​

​We focus not only on knowledge and skills, but the overall development of the person as a leader. Academic Pr​ogrammes are the flagship of the GIBS offering.

Central to our academic approach, is guiding each individual to the right programme for their career ambitions, skills requirements and long-term goals. GIBS walks each candidate through a series of questions to determine the right programme for their specific needs:

  • What is your objective? Is it to learn the basics, do an in-depth advanced course or simply to update your existing skills and knowledge?

  • What is your prior level of academic qualification? Do you have existing tertiary business education or tertiary education without business-specific content?

  • What is your previous level of experience? Are you new to a leadership and management role? Do you have loads of experience, but little or no formal management development?

  • What is your budget? Are you looking for a programme that you will fund personally, or will you have the backing of a sponsor (typically your employer)?

The GIBS academic offering comprises the following programmes:

Doctoral Programme (DBA/PhD)​​

The Doctoral Programme is intended for those destined to become knowledge leaders in their chosen sphere. The programme is designed to meet the needs of the mature, self-motivated scholar. It provides a blend of individual and peer interactive learning challenges that stretch and test to potential. As an outcome, the successful learner should be equipped to provide scientifically-grounded knowledge leadership with the confidence and competence that assures positive business results.

Master of Philosophy in International Business (MPhil IB)

The overall aim of this programme is to equip students with the global business strategy skills needed to understand the challenges and grasp the opportunities that the global business environment offers. It is a specialised degree that will enable you to transform from a traditional business manager into a global business leader who understands the complexities of managing in a global society. You will be able to conduct advanced research into International Business and be an expert in your area of chosen research. 

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The GIBS MBA offers a life-changing experience and relevant exposure to best practices of local and global leadership. The MBA journey has been designed to broaden a graduate's business, country- and worldview, and to enable them to develop their skills and business acumen to assume a general management role that requires them to lead a division or entire organisation. The MBA is for self-driven, highly motivated individuals who are passionate about business.​

Postgraduate Diploma in General management (PGDip GM)

The  Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) in General Management (GM) is a new offering at GIBS which is aimed at individuals who would like to gain a broad overview of business fundamentals in order to prepare them for the GIBS MBA journey. The PGDip is a nine-month  programme. This offering resonates with managers  who are self-driven and highly motivated and who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of business. It is for individuals who do not only want to become more effective managers, but also have the aspiration to progress onto the GIBS MBA programme.

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (Modular PDBA) 

As a driven university graduate in a hurry to get to the top, you leave university with good technical knowledge and start your career with little or no business experience. The GIBS PDBA is aimed at fast-tracking high-potential graduates in the early stages of their management careers into the world of business. By combining a broad understanding of business concepts, practical applications and immediate transfer of learning to the work environment, GIBS PDBA students are at an advantage.

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (Full-Time PDBA) 

The Full-time PDBA is aimed at students in the final undergraduate year who don’t feel fully equipped to enter the business realm and would like to pursue a postgraduate qualification in general management. The Full-time PDBA is transformative, on a business knowledge and personal development level. It equips you with broad ranging preparation for a management career.  You will be meet an exciting group of like-minded high potential new graduates , who will remain in your business network for a lifetime. You will be exposed to some of South Africa’s best business lecturers and create a large scale business project, learn how to work under ongoing pressure in a simulated professional business environment. This practical course includes an internship as well as a consulting project with a real company with a problem you are expected to solve. More than half your time is on out of classroom activities giving you the knowledge and skills to solve management challenges. Using gamification you will get broad business exposure. We will PRIME you for the world of work, to become professional, responsible, innovative, self-managing leaders.

Programme for Management Development (PMD)​​

You have been working for at least five years and are feeling the pressure of change in the workplace. Although you are motivated and competent, you feel that you do not have sufficient tools to make as much of a difference in your company as you know you can. You know that your career will benefit from management education and you are ready to stretch yourself to achieve success. At GIBS we understand this and have designed the GIBS PMD to equip managers in the private, public or non-governmental sectors with the necessary skills for business life in a rapidly changing and competitive business environment.

Executive Courses​

​​​​​​​In a fast-changing business environment, it is critical to organisational success that executives have the right skills and knowledge to lead the organisation into the future. GIBS Open and Custom Programmes are well known in the market for providing delegates with the applicable knowledge, critical skills and tools to impact on three levels: individual, team and organisation.

Open Individual Programmes ​​

GIBS Open Programmes offer short courses and in-house solutions for every individual and management level. These programmes allow executives to interact with world-class local and international faculty and thought leaders, while collaborating with peers from different companies and industries. Programmes are highly inspirational and are designed to have a maximum impact with a strong emphasis on active learning, sharing of best practice and implementation of practical applications.

Custom Company Programmes​

The GIBS Custom Programmes unit collaborates with partner organisations to ensure co-design, executive engagement and professional delivery. Delivery teams work closely with client teams to remain true to programme aims and the desired impact. GIBS partners with organisations – in some cases for periods of up to 10 years – to meet the learning needs of managers year-on-year.

​​Senior Executive Programmes​

GIBS offers high-level leadership and general management programmes to executives in order to stretch their thinking and expose them to a challenging learning experience that will positively impact their career.​

​Extended Programmes

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​These are certificate programmes offered by our various centres throughout the year and specialise in leadership, social entrepreneurship and enterprise development.​ ​These programmes blend world-class business expertise with the complexities of social change and are designed for leaders who wish to be more effective managers and visionaries. ​​​

​Forums, Conferences & Career Insight Events

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​​​​​​​​Each year GIBS hosts a variety of high-level GIBS Forums and Conferences that create a platform for sharing best practices in terms of innovation and leadership. Popular with students, alumni, business people and the wider public they afford access to insights from leaders in business, politics, civil society and academia.


GIBS Forums range from discussions on corporate strategy and performance, to quarterly economic outlooks, scenario planning, technology, sports and branding. These speaker-led events spanning the mining, technology, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, advertising and retail industries, enable individuals to stay abreast of developments in their own sectors. Over the years, GIBS has hosted an impressive array of leading CEOs, politicians and decision-makers, among them: former Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe; Africa's youngest billionaire Ashish Thakkar; and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. South African CEOs like Woolworths' Ian Moir, the JSE's Nicky Newton-King, and Aspen Pharmacare's Stephen Saad have all presented to GIBS Forum attendees, along with social, political and economic thought leaders like Clem Sunter, Dr Iraj Abedian, Jay Naidoo, Professor Jonathan Jansen and Moeletsi Mbeki. Recent international CEOS who have spoken at GIBS Forum events include Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric and Lloyd C. Blankfein, chairman and CEO of the Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. GIBS Forums are open to the public and usually take the format of an evening discussion.

GIBS Conferences are high-impact interventions that bring together business executives, government leaders and industry experts to share their experiences and views on the latest challenges and opportunities affecting business in South Africa, Africa and around the world. The objective is to provide the business community with a platform to engage with experts and inspirational practitioners on current and relevant issues. Topics vary from year to year, depending on the themes, pressures and opportunities in the business space. 

Career Insights Events
What are the attributes and qualities you need to take the next step in your career? Who are the individuals who have made a success of crafting their careers in your specific industry, and what can you learn from the decisions they made? Career Insights Events assist individuals who want to manage their careers proactively. These are evening forum-style events that showcase career planning and development for business people and executives in relation to their specific field of expertise. The events are chaired by leading practitioners, placement specialists and professional industry representatives, who debate the career challenges and opportunities in functional or sector-specific career areas (such as HR, Finance, Marketing, Technology, Construction, Legal, Entrepreneurial and others).​
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